Sunday, May 16, 2010

She Emerges...!

Sooooooo very much to say, and it's so difficult to figure out a coherent, clarity-enhanced way to begin ... so, I won't. For now.

Updates will come forth, as they become clear to me ...

I'm currently on a private, personal retreat ... a time of soul-searching, in the coastal range of Oregon ... in a lovely and quirky cabin in the woods, surrounded by nature, totally alone, for the first time in my entire life (!), without a schedule, without the pressing needs/wants of others ... seeking to hear the Voice within, rather than heeding the many (many!) voices without.

Obviously, I have my laptop ... as I trust that the Voice can use all manner of media to speak ... it's my job to discern what's for me, and what's not. This morning, I found (or received) a video that I feel compelled to share ... none of it is new to me, but I'm hearing many things in new ways.

May this speak to you, any or all of you, in whatever way that most fits where you now are. May we all SEE all that there is to see, as we can ...

Shalom, Dena