Sunday, June 6, 2010

On Trust ...

From my readings this morning, on the concept of trust ...

~ Trust is reliance upon the Divine for all sustenance and supply... acceptance that the Divine is the ultimate good, is our truest identity, and is both all-powerful and everywhere-present.

~ There is a difference between trusting somebody, and putting your trust in somebody... as trusting someone is a recognition of them as a representative of Divine energy ... seeing them in the highest light possible, knowing that no matter what they say or do, nothing changes who they really are. It's not about relying on the person, so much as relying on the Divine presence which is within them ... the Real Them.

~ Trusting IN someone, however, is about expecting a person to do what they say they'll do ... which is really a transference of what it is I need to do myself. If I trust IN someone, that means that there is something they have, that I believe I need ... or something I have that I believe they could take away from me. So, I end up putting my trust in words, or promises, rather than in the Divine.

~ Why would I trust others, when I know how we humans are prone to do many things in reaction to our own inner fear, guilt or shame ...? And ... even when things happen, due to the fear, guilt shame, why would I blame that person, rather than to accept that the experience is a lesson of the Divine, and therefore the very thing I need...?

~ Trust isn't something that we earn ... and it's not something we give to someone who we deem to have proven themselves worthy ... trust is divine, a given inherent to our soul. Every single person is a manifestation of Divine energy, and worthy of being trusted ... and my job is to rely on Divine wisdom to demonstrate itself in the actions being presented.

~ I can trust the Divine to provide for me in everything I need to live fully, peacefully, and abundantly. It doesn't matter whether others do, or do not do, the Divine thing.

~ I can trust the Divine to show me the wisdom required to make decisions in every situation I encounter ... I can ask, and I will be guided and protected.

"It may not always seem like what you are doing at the moment is the right thing. People and conditions may challenge you. You may begin to doubt yourself. It is in these moments that you are called upon to activate your trust in the Divine. Rely on what your heart tells you is true. Do not be afraid to see the truth in the situation and act accordingly. Trusting the Divine has one very important aspect that is sure to have a positive impact on your life: Learning to recognize and interpret the signs and signals you will surely receive will teach you to trust yourself."
("One Day My Soul Just Opened Up" by Iyanla Vanzant)

Trust in Self is Trust in the Divine ...!

I see that we just need a new working definition for "Self".

Shalom, Dena

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MysticBrit said...

The 'self' is the set of ideas, concepts, that we so easily identify with, when its only purpose is to give an individual 'sense' of experiencing. It is the Universe, expressing, experiencing its Self in infinite glorious flavours of Isness.

The 'Self' is infinite, outside of time, all-knowing Love. It Is All There Is. It is beyond all ideas and concepts, and all ideas and concepts are summed up in It.

Just my 'thoughts' over a Monday mornin' cuppa. Strong Brew;)