Monday, July 5, 2010

Outrageous Joy!

Are you enjoying your life?

Do you know what you want?

Do you realize that YOU are the creator of your own experience?

I daresay that most of us are unhappy about our lives ... that most of us have unfulfilled desires. That most of us would love to change something -- be it finances, job, relationships, our bodies, something.

What if we are meant to manifest, and have, what we most desire..?

What if our preferences are valuable?

What if we've forgotten who we are, and why we're here?

What if we are ever-connected to the Source-of-All-Joy-and-Love, and that no matter what happens, no matter what we do, or how we feel, we canNOT lose that connection...?

What if we are more magnificent and powerful than we dare to believe, and what if we can return to that confident, joyous, always-anticipating-and-thus-receiving-wonderful-experiences Being we're meant to be...?

What if our only problem is that we've picked up some erroneous perceptions about who we are and why we're here? What if we're the ones thwarting our own joy?

What if it's not only OK for us to choose our own created reality, but that we can learn HOW to do so...?

Would ya wanna know?!?

I would! I do! Sign me up!

I notice that whenever someone else tries to interfere with my life's creation, I get cranky. I have an innate knowledge that I do create my own reality ... and that no one else has the right to thwart that. I was born to be absolutely free. My life is completely and absolutely up to me (&, of course, this applies equally to every other human!). True, I have, like the rest of us on the planet, been largely domesticated. I gave in to the pressure of others around me (parents, siblings, teachers, clergy, society) who told me that their notions for how I was to live were more valid than my own ... and it became easier (and often a matter of survival) to go with what they said I "should" do.

But in doing so, I relinquished my most baseline foundation: my absolute and total freedom to create my own life.

I have denied my own soul, and have cooperated with my own domestication.

The deal is, Well-Being is the status quo of the Universe. It's the essence of "God" and All That Is, including you and me. It's our inheritance, our nature, our rock-bottom reality. It's as available as air ... we only have to allow it ... to breathe it, to be open to it, to relax into it ... to draw it into ourselves.

It is THERE for the partaking.

The Stream of Well-Being is flowing, all around us ... it's all that is. There's only One Stream ... not a myriad of streams to choose from. We're either going with the flow of it (& thus feeling *good*), or else paddling furiously upstream, resisting the flow (& thus feeling *bad*). Either way, we're in the stream ... we only have the ability to control our experience of it ...

We are here to be aligned with amazing co-creative experiences where we are rendezvousing with one another for no other reason than for the fantastically important reason of fulfilling, satisfying and pleasing ourselves, individually and collectively, and giving ourselves joy in every moment ...!

We are here to experience outrageous JOY..!

Tomorrow -- Why is it taking so long to get what I desire?

Shalom, Dena

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MysticBrit said...

What if, indeed, Dena?:)

Why so long? 'cos joy is Here Now. The only trouble is, we're not. We're Somewhere Which Isn't, so we need to Come Back.

When's your book coming out? Your public waits, agog:)