Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Living the Abundant Life Yet...? What Excuses May Be In The Way...? (Part I)

Having been inspired by a book I'm reading (OK, one of a few I'm reading), I felt inspired in kind to share what I'm seeing here ...

(The book I reference is "Excuses Be Gone!" by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer -- and I do recommend it thus-far -- I'm currently half-way through it, and vastly enjoying it.)

'Tis my belief (your mileage may vary) that we are meant to live the Abundant Life. Not the "So-So" Life. Not the "Getting-By (But Just Barely)" Life. Not the "Hanging On 'Til Jesus Comes Back to Rescue Me" Life. Not even the "Christian Life". The Abundant Life is the only one Jesus ever spoke of.

If He's offering, I'm taking!

So, if He's offering, and it's available here and now (it's "at hand"), and if I'm *not* experiencing it, I figure that there must be something in the way, on MY end.

I've learned by now that the only thing that can come between me and what I'm meant to have, is my own skewy thinking. I have met the enemy and it be me (loose paraphrase that nonetheless works!).

So, what's wrong with my thinking?

Only the lies I believe, and the excuses I tell myself. I continuously tell myself a "story" in my head ... and if I believe it, it becomes my reality. It's how I co-create, for good or for harm. Since I have the choice (and I do!), why not examine what I believe, why not listen-in on the story I tell myself, why not scrutinize the excuses I'm using, and see if it's all TRUE?!?

I love this quote by Henry David Thoreau:
I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor.

You catch that word "conscious"...? Yeah, this requires a wee bit of intentionality on our part ... we are participants in the glorious life we're living...!

"Come up higher." "Take every thought captive." "As a man thinks in his own heart, so is he."

What if it's our *responsibility* to stop living unconsciously, wake up in the pig-sty of our own making, come to our senses, and start living consciously -- awakened..?

Don't like how your life is playing out? Re-interpret the past scenes, and re-write the present (& the future will follow)...!

If you're up for it, why not join me on an exploration into some commonly-used excuses, that tend to clog up our thinking, and thus limit our life-experience...?

Tomorrow we can peek into this one: "Change Will Be Too Difficult."

Oh yeah?!?

More tomorrow...

Shalom, Dena


Jeannette said...

How do I wake up faster? :)

I know I'm my own block. Especially my thinking that abundance means money. SO, how do I finally remove that haze that happens when we first start to wake up?

Dena said...

I've asked the same question ...

But then I had to ask some more questions ... "do I imagine that this is a race, a contest, with some making it and others not?"

"Do I imagine that there's lack in this universe? Limited resources? That God is holding out on me?"

"What if I'm just not recognizing how abundantly I AM receiving things ... free air, limitless water (seriously, it's not leaving our atmosphere!) ... countless heart-beats, I've not yet starved. Numerous folks who love me. Immeasureable opportunities for learning. What if I'm just focusing on perceived lack, rather than being grateful for what I have? What if the lack-perspective just gives me more of that focus ... more perception of lack!?!"

Like the rest of us, Jeannette, you can only walk out your own journey. Others can inspire you -- I'm inspired by SO many! -- but you can't get anything second-hand. I notice that I get what I'm ready for ... and I can ask to be made more ready (which may require some uncomfy situations, to bring my crud to the surface, so that I can become aware of it, and choose differently).

Just like when we wake up each morning, it takes time for clarity to come. In the meantime, we step forward, into the fog ... trusting that we ARE being shown the way, even in the midst of the confusion of awareness-shifts.

It's all good, really. WHAT a blessing that you ARE waking up. Many, many, MANY sleep-walk through life.

Smile, and enjoy each stage. It's worth it.

Jeannette said...

Thanks Dena. I'll be focusing on my abundance instead of on waking up. I knew this, I just am so excited to receive more awakening, but I can't forget to enjoy the process along the way.

Dena said...

I'm uber-excited right with you! And, like you, I don't want to miss a moment!!!

Five Bears A-Blogging said...

Hey, Dena! I enjoy a healthy Dose of Dyer as well, particularly his material on the Seven Faces of Intention. No doubt, when we decide to release our own limiting thinking and behaviour, the Universe opens up to us. Dontcha just love the process of creation? - Mo

Dena said...

It's amazing, Mo -- there's no striving. There's just removing blockages, and then Life FLOWS...!

Ohhhhh, how complicated we muck it up to be!