Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meanwhile ...

Taking a short break from the on-going expose on Excuses that Block the Abundant Life ...

I received a lovely message from an old friend this morning ... about achieving oneness, and about how the currency of the Kingdom is not money - but love. My friend is rather brilliant ... and I always learn from his sharings ... and in turn, I wanted to share my current thoughts on the topic. I thought I would share them here, as well ...

My (current, awaiting-further-revelation) thoughts:

I see Oneness as our inherent state of being (not someothing to achieve -- but something to realize) ... I see that we are a temporary-physical manifestation of the very Life of God ... I don't see any other Source of Life out there, but His life. I see all life as God's life -- all of creation as a manifestation of Himself. I see that He is OmniPresence... where can I go from His Presence ... even if I should make my bed in the abode of the dead, there He is...! And nothing created (including all humans, including myself) can separate me from the love of God. And the love of God IS the most powerful force (really, the only force) in the universe...! (all the rest of the "powers" are merely the shadows in our minds, that block us from seeing the Light of Love ... and I notice that darkness does not resist, much less fight back, the Light ... Light utterly absorbs the darkness...!)

My only problem, is that my eogic/carnal thinking (& that of collective humanity), has convinced me (by lying) that I am an enemy of God - Paul says we are enemies of God "in our own minds". My (fear-and-shame-based) ego tells me that I am separated from God ... yet how does one become separated from OmniPresence... from the only Source of Life that there IS...? When I believe a lie, it becomes "as truth" to me ... but Truth remains Truth. God brings others into my life ... others who demonstrate, in living color, out-loud in front of me, the very ways in which I am believing lies ... I see my stuff in others, whereas I'm blind to it in myself. The temptation is to scape-goat the other, and to banish them from me ... the gift comes when I embrace the message the other brings (showing me my blind-spots), and thus receive the healing that mind-renewal brings.

I see that Oneness, the very Life of God, is that which flows through all and every thing -- including each of us (created in the image and likeness of God). Like begets like: acorns beget oaks ... dogs beget puppies ... eagles beget eagles ... God begets sons of God... we are offspring of God -- sprung off of God. The wave of the ocean is not the entire ocean, yet neither is it separate from the ocean ... they are one.

Soooo ... my ego, the lies I believe, get in the way of me experiencing and knowing and living out this oneness, because of my faulty/skewy perspective ... as a man thinks in his own heart, so is he. What I believe, what I focus on, that becomes my experienced reality. If I believe myself to be separate from God -- that is my experience. If I believe myself to be an enemy of God -- that is my experience. Once I have my mind renewed (and this is a process -- the very process of this life), so that my thoughts freely align with God's thoughts (which are my own deepest/truest thoughts), once the ego/carnal nature is seen for what it is (once I die to it ... not slaughtering it, but no longer living according to it), and once I see who I really am, In Christ, then the Oneness, with ALL the inherent fruits of it, flow through me ... He lives His life through me, for we are one, and my real life was always His life.

I was just utterly confused and deceived by my own ego ... we have met the enemy and he is us.

And yet, as Paul says, that ego is not the real me ... just the impostor me. That which wants me to think it's me ... but I am not the dreamer ... I am really the one observing the dream -- and learning how to navigate it ... cooperating with the Spirit in bringing the awareness of the Kingdom into this realm - for it has been here, in our midst, within us, all-ways.

Jesus still has much more to show us ... the question is, can we yet bear it? Will we trust the Spirit as He leads us into all truth...? Can we let go of the nullifying traditions of man enough to let the ever-flowing Truth of God renew our minds...?

Just my thoughts ... your mileage may vary! Lead on, Spirit! Increase our bearability!

Shalom, Dena


marianne said...

hmm...your comment re: "If I make my bed in [sheol] the abode of the dead, you are there" really struck a cord with me. It occurred to me (because of your paraphrase) that the abode of the dead is this world. It goes along with "Let the dead bury their own dead." A phrase that I use a lot (if only under my breath) regarding the affairs of this world that appear so important but really have no life in them. We are in the world (the abode of the dead) but not OF it. He is here. We are here. And he has already overcome it; and as we breathe on these bones (the dead in the abode of the dead), they shall live again. Just some rambling thoughts promted by your post. Keep breathing on the bones ;-)

Dena said...

Marianne (& I know this will not shock you!) ... AS I typed that phrase, I had the VERY same thought...!

Yes, this life is the abode of the dead ... those who are (as Jesus said) "only sleeping". At least, that resonates ...

It's funny, the various reactions I'm getting to this message ... I shared it in a traditional Christian forum (where I've been allowed to post about the reconciliation of all, and the already-done-happened return of Jesus, but where I'm not well tolerated by most). Due to the reaction, I've realized that my time there is done. The welcome mat has been shaken off and rolled up.

Yes ... breathing on the bones (which, I find, annoys the snot out of some!).

Shalom, Dena

MysticBrit said...

These ol' bones are comin' to life through becoming aware of the Truth you write about here, Dena.

I've finally got round to reading The Power Of Now, and It Rocks.

I also love the realisation that this world is 'the abode of the dead', and that more and more folks are Remembering Who They Are and breathing out Life into 'the dead'.

To Life!:)

Sue said...

Isn't it funny how we grow? All of this to me now is like ... well, yeah, course, it's obvious isn't it? And yet so much of this is stuff that I was horribly suspicious of years ago. Which seems crazy now but that's part of the trip, I think.

Dena said...

I adore Tolle, Harry. Have you read his "A New Earth" yet? Good stuff! He was one of the eye-openers in my journey.

Sue -- my thoughts precisely! This is so stinkin' OBVIOUS to me now ... big, spiritual "DUH"!

My former way of thinking seems so patently and abysmally superstitious, negative, egoic & damaging. All due to creating "god" in our image. Let God be God ... let our thoughts be renewed!

MysticBrit said...

I've not got to 'A New Earth' yet, Dena, but the next one I have in line is 'Stillness Speaks'. My heart breathes Yes to it all, and wonders why it took my mind so long to get to the same place:)

It's a Coming Home to Where and Who I Am, and it's A Most Beautiful Place.