Friday, December 11, 2009

Living the Abundant Life Yet...? What Excuses May Be In The Way...? (Part III)

"Change will be too risky."

"People may resent my changing."

"This could upset so many relationships."

"What if something bad happens to me, if I change?"

"What if I don't like who I am, after I change?"

"What if the Real Me is a creep?"

I've heard and/or thought these excuses ... what about you?

Of course, we can never be totally sure that any venture will be risk-free. And honestly, how many of us would enjoy a life that was 100% guaranteed risk-free ...? How B-O-R-I-N-G...! Isn't risk an inherent part of life itself...?

What if holding back, guarding oneself, protecting oneself out of fear of criticism or judgment is actually far more harmful than taking a risk...?

Such fear is paralyzing ... self-limiting ... life-squelching ... leaving us with a diminished and meaningless existence that cannot even be called a "life". May as well be a rock.

Neither can we live a life dedicated to pleasing everyone else ... such a life is built on fear, rendering one a victim of their own excuse-based thinking.

It's incredibly empowering and fulfilling to live from your own convictions, to follow your passion, to let nothing prevent you from experiencing your own fulfillment...!

As Wayne Dyer says, "The peace that you feel because you ignored the worry of a risk is far greater than staying stuck in a belief that is really only and excuse."

Most of what I fear risking is only a projection of my own imagination. So, when I let it keep me from venturing forth, and remain stagnant, I reinforce that fear. I sit there, feeling that fear, as IF whatever I had dreaded had occurred. BUT --- when I step out, with confidence, not looking back, I find that the thing I dreaded doesn't materialize ... it was a mere figment of my own imagination. And it evaporates. And I laugh.

And even if it *did* materialize, I have the power to face it and make choices ... something I cannot do if I opt for avoiding the risk, and just sit there, IN the fear, in the first place.

Choices, choices ... if I don't like what's happening, I can "choose again."

Shalom, Dena

P.S. Next examined excuse: "Change Will Take a Long Time."


Sue said...

And, if the fear does materialise, then yes, it's horrible and awful. But then you have a manifestation in front of you of what your fear was. And while that is one of the most uncomfortable sorts of experiences, there is greater roomer for moving forward, particularly if that fear was something quite inherent and partially subconscious. So I guess on one level

Dena said...

Oopsie -- did you fall asleep mid-post, or did a fearful manifestation nab you?!?

Sue said...

LOL!!!!!! This is so funny. I think I was multitasking a bit too much earlier on, haha!!!

Where was I?

I can't remember what I was going to say, LOL :)

I think I was just going on to say that in general even if it manifests in some way out in your life, it is maybe a necessary thing in some ways, if it was a particularly shadow side part of your personality, to see it played out in front of you where you cannot pretend it's not there. It's sort of like manifesting so you can get rid of it.

Which is a messy thing indeed :)

Dena said...

I totally get that. Yes, when what we secretly fear is projected in front of us, for us to SEE, then we can indeed make choices about it.

The tricky thing is when it shows up IN another person -- and we vainly imagine that it IS the other person.

Then we miss the blessing-gift of having it shown to us.

Silly us.

Jeannette said...

"What if the Real Me is a creep?"

lol. that one totally cracks me up.

it's my ego that can be a real creep sometimes.

you know, i keep my blog anonymous now because i don't want to out friends and family more than i don't want to out myself. it started out as not wanting to out myself.

sure i do know that my relationships will change as more of my shift and awakening becomes known. i'm sure i'll lose some people. hopefully i'll find better people to fill those spots.

Dena said...

One of my sons actually said that to me...!

I assured him that I birthed no creeps.

Though I have often impersonated one...!

I can relate to being in "hiding" ... as well as "coming out". When I did the latter, I did indeed lost many (OK, most) of my friends. Makes me wonder -- were they ever really my friends? Or did they like an image of me that they had in their minds? An image I no longer lived up to? I would prefer to be despised for who I really am, than to be loved for who I'm not.

It's been my experience that while I lost some relationships, I've gained the WORLD of humanity as my "family". In a more-real way. A way I'm only beginning to explore.

Plus -- I'm only too happy to let go of the view of God that was required in order to be considered "a good, Christian woman" by those who no longer wish to be around me.

This fits with Mt. 19:29.

Dena said...

LOL - "lost" should be "lose"