Monday, November 8, 2010

Hold Out For the Good Stuff ...

[Yet another wee bit of wisdom from the Brave Girls' Club...]

Dear Patient Girl,

There was probably a time in your life when you wanted nothing more than to have cookies for breakfast every single morning, when you didn't want to practice your reading or do any of your homework, when you were absolutely POSITIVE that you wanted to marry that boy down the street. But someone who knew better than you did made you eat your eggs and toast, made you read for 30 minutes a day -- and life happened in such a way that may have broken your heart when that 14 year old boy chose baseball over you.

-- and you ended up with the life you were SUPPOSED to have, not the one you thought you wanted before you knew what you know now.

Sweet friend, it still works that way, you know. We still think we know what is best for us..we think we know exactly what we want...and when it doesn't happen we want to lay down on the floor and kick and scream and throw fits like a toddler. Or, sometimes our heart just feels like it might break into too many pieces to ever come back together.

But then, the GOOD things happen. The things that were supposed to happen all along...the things that were so much better than what we thought we wanted...the things we didn't even know existed until they showed up in our life EXACTLY when they were supposed to, sometimes after waiting for a very very very long time.

So hold out for the eggs and toast, sister. Hold out, be patient -- the good stuff is coming.

There's a plan for you, and it's gonna be good.


I believe this, and the believing feels delicious ...!

Shalom & Namaste ~

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MysticBrit said...

I had black pepper on my eggs 'n' toast today. Yum!

Feelin' the Oneness, and slingin' it your way, Dena!