Saturday, November 20, 2010

This SO speaks to me ...!

I'm enjoying the miracle, AND trusting what's unfolding ...!

So, so, SOOOOO much joy!

SOOO much gratitude for ALL that it took!

SOOO much appreciation for ALL that I have!

SOOO much anticipatio for ALL that is coming!


Dear Lovely Girl,

Look around at what exists in your life right now, beautiful friend. Look at the events that had to be orchestrated to get you to exactly where you are, doing exactly what you are doing, with exactly who you are with, learning exactly what you are learning and experiencing exactly what you are experiencing.

Look at all of this and know that it was meant just for you. If it feels like you are in a place that you would rather not be at this time, just know that you are in the middle....on the way from here to there....and that you will get through it...that it will last exactly as long as it's supposed to last and teach you exactly what you are meant to learn. And later, you will see how this time was one of your very greatest teachers.

If you are in a place that feels miraculous and wonderful...full of beauty and sure to marvel in it. Breathe it in, know that everything brought you to now...and that there's always a reason that will take your breath away.

Everything matters. Every decision matters, every experience matters, every relationship matters, every interaction matters, every lesson matters. Each piece creates a whole that is the life you are living in this moment.

What a miracle.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Shalom & Namaste ~

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Lenetté aka The Shitzizle said...

it's been too long since you've blogged.... come back.