Monday, January 10, 2011

Meanwhile ...

Y'know it's time to blog again, when you get 3 "why-aren't-you-blogging-anymore"'s in one week ..!

I can take a hint!

But first, an update ...

Since I tend to live my life outloud, I'll just continue ... it's official. As of January 7th, 2011, my 24 year marriage is over. Our soul-contract has expired, and we are both moving forward in our lives. I continue to experience an avalanche of emotions ... including mourning over the loss of a chapter of our lives ... sadness for the pain we have both endured ... sobriety over the disillusionment of one who once thought I'd *never* be divorced ... gratitude that the father of my children (Mark) and I can finally become friends, and can work together in ways we never could manage before. We are two good-hearted and well-intentioned humans who simply were not compatible ... and we both did the VERY best we could, based on where we were, every step of the way.

The marriage did not fail, so much as it did everything it was meant to accomplish ... and I am trusting, with everything in me, that my children will not only survive, but thrive. That they will know they are loved ... that they will learn that they can choose what is best for their own lives...

I have no regrets for what we've experienced in the past quarter-century, even as I regret choices we've both made out of pain and fear ... I celebrate the arrival of 8 magnificent human beings (our children) ... I am grateful that he kept me alive for the years when I was self-destructive ... and I rejoice for the incredible healings that we inspired in one another. I fully embrace the next chapter of my life ... I welcome whatEVER is to come, both short-term, and long-term ... I trust that Love continues to win ... I let go of the oars, and I ride downstream ... I embrace what IS, and what is to come...!

The adventure continues ... as I learn, for the first time in my entire life, to take care of myself, and to navigate this journey, autonomously.

Stay tuned...!

Shalom & Namaste,


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May the true desires of your heart be fulfilled, Dena, and may you know true peace:)