Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Blog: Divine Mother Messages

I have the honor of knowing the author of this blog, and the conduit of the daily messages ... Mary Hammond.

It would not be a stretch to say that she was instrumental in saving my life ... and enabling me in the discovery of my Soul's Purpose.

I encourage you to read, and subscribe to, this blog: http://divinemothermessages.blogspot.com/

The messages are timely, critical, and inspiring ... enJOY!!

Shalom & Namaste~


MysticBrit said...

You draw your inspiration from many and varied sources, Dena. She's a most interesting lady:) Can you expand on why she's been so important to you?

Lenetté aka The Shitzizle said...

added to my Google Friends list so i'll be sure to read it.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all your help. divine mother has really helped me turn my life around.