Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Nature of Upsets...

At any moment, your life is exactly the way that it is. The people in your life are the way that they are, you are the way that you are, and the circumstances of your life are the way that they are.

Everything may change tomorrow, but at any moment, your life is exactly the way that it is. Look in your life and see how true this is. Notice how totally irrelevant your feelings are about this.

When you are at peace with the truth of the way your situation is, you have peace of mind. You see your situation clearly and can see what needs to be done. Solutions appear and you become very effective.

When you fight and resist the truth of the way things are, you make everything worse. You create a state of fear, upset and tunnel vision. You lose your ability to see clearly and you interact in a way that magnifies the problem.

Upsets may seem to be caused by what happens, but they're not. Upsets are caused by fighting and resisting what happens.

It's all internal. But only everything. We THINK we are victims of our life, but that's an illusion. And knowing that WE are the source of our struggles is one of the critical keys to getting our power back.

The outside events are really just catalysts that trigger us, cluing us in to things we've suppressed ... ancient pains and false beliefs that are operating unawares, running our lives from the inside out. The outside "trigger" is really a blessing in disguise ... sent to set us free. However, when it happens, if we are believing that we're being attacked from the outside, we perceive the "triggerer" as a threat to our survival ... for we do NOT want to face the suppressed belief we're hiding inside. And so we will resist that triggerer, and blame them for attacking us ... we withdraw into a protective tunnel vision, out of which we will lash out, and thereby ensure that we will remain in that self-created pain.

This tunnel vision sabotages our lives in the following ways:

~ It keeps us from being aware of the many solutions. We can only see within that tunnel, which is filled with negativity.

~ It leads us to fight and resist the perceived threat ... which enlarges the problem.

ANY area of our life that isn't working is an area where this tunnel vision is in operation.

If we can surrender to the truth of what IS in our life, fear, upset and tunnel vision would evaporate. We could then see the entire situation clearly, and would know what to do. We would restore our effectiveness, and this particular area of life would become "workable."

The basic problem, the root of all of this, is unresolved hurts in our lives ... usually in early childhood. We protect ourselves, and others, from seeing this hurt, and from hurting us further ... and we will go all out in this self-protection ... to include sabotaging relationships. Every area of our life that doesn't work, can be traced to an unresolved hurt.

Finding and healing this hurt is one of the most important things you can ever do.

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Shalom & Namaste ~


Lenetté said...

We are so blessed to be aware of these things.

MysticBrit said...

Oh Yes:) We view everything through the lens of experience, and when that experience occurred when we were too young to process it properly we continue 'processing' it through life in ways that don't really work. Until we don't, of course:)