Monday, January 24, 2011

Find the Hurt

The first step in the healing process is to discover, as specifically as possible, what the hurt is. Ultimately, this hurt, or core issue, will be some form of feeling "not ok."

It's not the truth that you are this way. It's just an old, suppressed, childhood emotion. It's the avoidance of this emotion that sabotages your life.

To find this hurt, look for the words of "not ok" that are the most uncomfortable. Are you worthless, not good enough, not worth loving, or a failure? The more painful the words, the closer you are to your core hurt.

Then, go back in time ... put yourself IN the hurt that you experienced as a child ... Ask yourself .. "what incredibly painful thing did you believe about yourself, as a result of what happened to you then?"

Every time we are upset, it's because a core issue has been triggered...

We can discover these core issues by making a list of all our fears ... and find the hurt we'd have to feel if the fear came to pass in reality.

We can ask, "what do I need to be happy?" Happiness only comes from within, so if we think we NEED something to be happy, this need comes from avoiding a specific hurt.

Another way to discover the inner hurt is to look at what I'm driven towards. In reality, I'm only driven from something ... and I am drawn to something.

If I feel as if I'm driven to something, I can know that there's a hurt I'm avoiding ...

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Shalom & Namaste~

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