Saturday, January 22, 2011

Healing Core Issues

The hurt that we avoid is the childhood hurt of feeling worthless, not worth loving, not good enough, or some other form of feeling "not ok".

...Fortunately, this is a hurt that can be healed. You can take away much of its power and you can heal a major part of it very quickly. You can heal it quickly because the hurt isn't based on fact; it's based on thoughts.

It is impossible for you to be either worthless, or worthy. These are only thoughts, and opinions ... they aren't facts. They only exist in the mind. Worthiness and worthlessness don't exist ... and we spend our entire lives trying to escape something that doesn't even exist.

Although judgment does not exist in realty, it's very real in *our* reality. In the realm of thoughts, we are both worthy and worthless, good enough and not good enough, lovable and unlovable. We are everything.

One moment we'll feel one way, and in the next moment, we'll feel another way. These are all aspects of being human. They are in each of us.

Instead of fighting these aspects of you, make peace with them. Own them and embrace them.

Get to the place where you can say, "Yes. I am totally worthless. So what? I am also totally worthy. These are both aspects of me." When this happens, the issue loses power and disappears.

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Shalom & Namaste ~

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MysticBrit said...

That's the whole of it, Dena. Nothing more to say, really. It's just thoughts that have become my identity - until I see it going on, and just... stop:)