Friday, January 21, 2011

Letting Go

Ultimately, resisting is the only thing that keeps life from working. When you let go of the resisting, you remove the tunnel vision. You can see what you need to do, and life starts working again.

The moment you let go, everything seems to change. With the fear and upset gone, you become creative and able to discover solutions you cold never have seen before.

Fear is created by resisting a future event. The more you resist the future event, the bigger your fear. The bigger your fear,the more you feel threatened. The more you feel threatened, the more you act destructively, and the more your fear comes true.

If I want to have my fear lose its power, I need to do the opposite of what creates the fear ... instead of resisting ... I need to become willing for the future even to *happen*.

That doesn't mean I WANT the feared future event to happen ... or that I will passively allow it to happen. It's a state of *mind* ... it's an inner willingness to play it out in my mind, to internally witness the feared-outcome ... and to tell myself, "I will be ok anyway -- even if that happens."

In my heart/mind, I become wiling for my fear to come true ... even as I do what I need to in my actions to keep it from happening.

For this to work, I then say, "I am willing to lose my job," or "I am willing to lose that relationship," or "I am willing to lose my reputation," ... or whatever it is that I'm most afraid of losing.

I find peace when I let go of my *demands* that life should be a certain way ... I can surrender to how life unfolds ... I can ride the ride, ride the current downstream, and trust that everything will turn out ok ... in THAT state of acceptance, I can see clearly to take the actions that cooperate with the life I want to live.

It's about trusting that NO MATTER WHAT, I will be ok.

Ultimately, trust is a choice. I create trust, by declaring, to myself, that "I will be ok no matter what happens ... I trust, and will be ok, because I say so."

I notice that things have been tough in the past ... and I notice that I have always been ok. I am here today, typing this out, because I have survived everything so far, despite my fears at the time, that I would not.

Tough times come and go -- it's part of life. But they go more quickly, when I don't resist ... when I go with the flow, and trust.

When I am willing to lose everything, I cannot be threatened. Wow -- powerful!

When I am wiling to let go, what I do have becomes infinitely precious to me ... I appreciate the people and things in my life all the more. I become incredibly grateful for what I DO have ... which makes it more likely that the people I appreciate stay around ...

Also ... I need to become willing to feel my pain ... when I'm no longer trying to avoid my pain, it disappears more quickly ...

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Shalom & Namaste~


MysticBrit said...

I find the secret is to be totally involved, yet totally detached as to any particular outcome. A creative energy flows then, without blockage, and life works.

Great truths here, Dena. Thanks for putting it out there:)

Stephanie said...

I need to let go so much more, it's definitely hard to do.