Saturday, July 4, 2009

In The Beginning ...

Some of us, in a discussion forum, were having a (rare!) congenial discussion of Creationism vs. Evolution.

I honestly don't see that it's an either/or dilemma, but a both/and expression. (This from a woman previously well-entrenched in the 6-literal-days Creationism camp ... who started thinking.)

The Genesis account was always meant to be a lovely poetic rendering of man's
musings on what happened "in the beginning". The gist of the story is that God gets the credit, and the weight of the responsibility.

It was never meant to be a scientific or literal account. We humans, particularly in our egoic bent, insisted that literalism was truth.


There is deeper truth to be found in mystery than could EVER be grasped with our
finite minds...!

When we're set free from literalism, we open ourselves to the greater truths
that are both higher and deeper than the ego-perspective that was our
(necessary) infantile beginning.

To remain in that state of non-critical literalistic thinking is to remain in
undeveloped and dependent immaturity ... wherein we only parrot that which other
(humans) have told us. To dive off into the deep end of inquiry, exploration
and abandon, is to trust in the experiential relationship we have with God --
rather than on the things we were told about God.

True freedom...!

Shalom, Dena

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MysticBrit said...

A-men, Sister:)

Oh, that we as Humanity would grow up into the glorious liberty of the Children of God! Literalism is a deadly prison, and so demeans the indescribable beauty and majesty which is the created order. We need everything 'boxed' inside words, 'cos then it's tamed and can't threaten us.

I just love me some deep divin' - I find I can still breathe underwater;)