Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Message for Me Today ... Also for You?

I love how God is always speaking. Always. I get the visual impression of Him continuously broadcasting ... within me and all around me. The question is: am I tuning in? Am I receiving what He's revealing? Or am I listening instead to the many egoic "stories I'm telling myself" - those traditions of man that nullify the word of God...?

For, indeed, those traditions can be external, or internal - or both.

Am I believing and heeding the many "lies" I've been told (by myself or others), or am I hearing the Voice within, which is seeking to renew my mind ... to replace those lies with Truth? And, when I am first exposed to Truth, am I aware of the all-too-human tendency to consider that truth to be heresy/blasphemy, because of how it clashes with what I think I *know* about truth...? Am I aware of how my very own ego will launch an all-out assault against anything "new", anything it perceives to be a threat to it's own view from the throne of my mind? Am I aware of how the ego masquerades as "me", and will enlist me to defend myself even against the Voice of God within me..? That it will warn me to not trust my own heart, my own feelings, my own thoughts, my own experiences (the very things through which God most often communicates)...?

Am I aware of how my own worst enemy is within me, disguised as me...? "We have met the enemy and he is us." Am I aware that when I join the many who overly-personify and project the enemy as a being outside of me, that I then deny what the enemy is (my own ego/carnal nature), and thus enable it to continue it's invisible and undetected dominion within me..?

Am I aware that dethroning the enemy/ego does not require a battle (a wholly egoic notion in itself!), but that it merely requires awareness ... that in the Light of awareness, the darkness of it fades into no-thingness..? If I insist upon shadow-boxing with my own ego, it will "win", for it's goal is to keep me so distractedly & busily deluded that I cannot see it for what it is.

It's the manifestation of my own fears, writ large. As well, the collective fears of humanity around me ... both contemporarily and historically, ganging up on me, reciting an endless litany of fear, shame and anxiety (which feels so familiar that I mistake it for "truth") ... luring me to swallow-whole the liturgy of propaganda, and to bow down to worship this idol of oppression. And if I do so, I cooperate with my own blindness...!

Instead - I shine the Light of Truth upon it, and it all is instantly, and without a murmur of resistance, absorbed the Light. There is no battle. There is no struggle. There is no striving. There is only seeing anew, from a higher/deeper perspective of the One within me ... and I see that all is well, that all has always been well. That I can live in the state of open trust ... knowing that all things (including the *gift* of my ego) work together for my good ... for universal good.

(Hmmm... I had no idea that I was going to write all of that ... I set out to only write a short intro for a couple of messages I'd received in my in-box ... what a delight to find that within me!)

Here are those messages, which reflect what I was saying above. I believe that these are messages for me, for today -- are they for you as well...?

Shape Shifting to Glory

“Be renewed with new thoughts of abundance and prosperity.”
~Romans 5:1-3

“Where we invest our energy is a result of choice. No one outside of us forces us to invest our energy in any particular emotion, thought, or act. The energy investment choices we make are either conscious or unconscious. Either way, where we direct the energy of our thoughts and emotions gives rise to our experiences.”
~Michael Bernard Beckwith

Today's Affirmation

I always find what I expect to find.

Today's Meditation

Dear God,

Help me remain awake and aware of the choices I make everyday.
I intend that my thoughts and actions are perfectly aligned with Love.
I know that everything is working together for good, right now.
I choose to relax into your peaceful presence.
Dance yourself into expression, through me.


"This day is a messenger of God, and this day brings into my experience God's grace, God's law, God's life, God's presence, and God's power. I choose this day whom I will serve. My heart, my soul, my mind is filled with the conscious realization of the presence of God. I surrender myself unto God. I listen for the still, small Voice - that It may guide, lead and direct." You are then knowing the Truth, you are choosing, and you are sowing to the Spirit: Throughout the day you have brief two minute, three minute, five minute reminders: "This day is a messenger of God, for this day is bringing the presence and the power of God into my experience. This day is revealing God's glory. The heavens declare the glory of God, the earth showeth forth His handiwork. God's grace is being revealed in my experience every moment of every day."
(Joel Goldsmith)

May this day manifest God's Presence, in a plethora of jubilant and awe-inspiring ways...!

Shalom, Dena


marianne said...

I think it is pretty cool how you can so well articulate the things I have in my mind ;-) Thanks.

dena said...

Ah, the very same thought I have when I read YOUR blog, Marianne...!

I find that uncanny and yet so appropriate!

Shalom, Dena

Sue said...

Awesome, Dena, and yes, yes, yes :)

Shape shifting to glory, haha :)

cwtpmom said...

When I read what you so beautifully expressed I was thinking "this sounds exactly like the Dena I know. I hope she's not quoting someone else again". Then I read that it was your exact thoughts and I was so proud of you for exposing them. These are my exact thoughts too. I encourage you to keep doing exactly what you are doing.

And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

MysticBrit said...

Isn't it wonderful, Dena, the things that you 'find within you' once you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard?! I had that experience several times when I was writing regularly. I'd write just one short sentence, and then the floodgates opened! What wondrous Truth there is in our hearts, if we will only release it...