Monday, July 20, 2009

"Thou Shalt Be Right"...?

I notice that Jesus never said, "thou shalt be right."

I notice that it's nowhere in scripture at all ... just much about how we can deceive ourselves (by believing in the "certaintude" of our ego/carnal nature/satan/adversary-within - in our own imaginations), and how we're told to thus have our minds renewed.

God invites us, continually, to let go of what we *THINK* we know (that of which the ego is so sure, and will defend, even to the death), and to 'come up higher/deeper' to His own perspective.

Which is, of course, our own truest perspective ... when not obscured by the 3-ring circus of our egos...! (too dang bad we don't hear that chintzy-tinny pipe organ music, when our ego is manifesting...!)

I don't reject the ego, nor denounce it. HOWEVER, I do want to see it for what it is ... that part of me which masquerades as the "real" me. The real me is the spirit me. The ego is a part of me to be used in this life, as a means of discovering who I am not, and therefore, who I really am. (envisioning the story of the prodigal son, as a prime example of how the ego led him to come to the 'end of himself' and thus to remember who he really was, and to return Home, where father/God was actively waiting ... knowing that the son had to come to the end of himself, to come to this deeper awareness...!)

My ego is indeed a gift, a tool, a useful part of me, but *not* all of me, or even the deepest part of me. Any more than the part of me that dreams is the real part of me ... the part of me that recognizes I'm dreaming is the real me ... just as the part of me that recognizes that my ego is in operation is the real me.

The ego is meant to serve me ... when I'm caught up in serving it, unawares, I'm at cross-purposes to the gift.

I *do* embrace all of me, and all of my path (my history - nothing wasted, nothing regretted -- all part of "what it took" for me) ... I just want to see it for what it *is*.

Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

I love the idea that the ego is a tool of the soul, to show it what it is not, i.e., show me what 'I' am not, and so bring me to know Who I Am.


Dena said...

Yeah - so much better than "kill the sucker!"

It "dies" when it, like all dark things, is merely absorbed by the Light of All That Is. It becomes incorporated into the I Am ... like everyrthing/one else.

I think of it with mirth ... "who said that? ahhh, it's just you, you 'lil stinker, you! Pretending to me - how hysterical! Thanks for showing up to remind me of who I really am...!"