Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Totally Depraved...?

I notice that whenever there's an urgent need, that human beings act with incredlble assistance for one another ... without thinking, they respond with unselfish honor, self-sacrifice, and deep compassion.

Why, then, do we believe the human doctrine that man is basically evil..?

I see that when we think/react out of our egic natures, we do indeed demonstrate selfishness that progresses to evil ... but when we respond from our deepest selves, good comes forth...

Perhaps we just need to really know who we are, as God sees us, rather than how the theologians have declared us to be..?

Shalom, Dena


graham old said...

The worst version of TD is that which is spouted by some Christians. The idea seems to be that you're TD until regenerated.

As they think they're the only one's who are regenerated, the implications are pretty obvious!

graham old said...

Oh, I meant to add - the best version is that which is simply a recognition that we are all fragile. So, when someone "fouls up" we approach it with grace.

Perhaps we should replace the lable of "totally depraved" with "gloriously broken and fixed and made and..." Or, just stick with the old goodies like, "Wonderfully loved", or just "Graham"!

MysticBrit said...

There is So Much Crud I'm finding I need to clear out completely re my unconscious ideas of God, and this is one of the biggies. Just been reading in Conversations with God about this very topic! Dena, one of these days I'll find something you and I violently disagree on, but I'm not holding me breath;)

Dena said...

Graham - I love your thoughts...!

"Just Graham" (or just Harry, or just Dena, or just *insert your own name*) is shockingly wonderful, no?

As for Total Deprivation, combined with "only some are predestined to be saved" ... well, that's the ultimate form of scape-goating, no? Much of what passes for religion is merely egoism writ large.

We are SO offended by grace (& that's going to be another blog-post)!

Harry - I'm cleaning out crud with you ... as I see it, we help each other, by exposing our own crud, which enlightens others ...

If you ever *do* disagree with me, share it! 'Tis how I learn! I need both the "me too" affirmations, AND the "have you considered this?" challenges. What I love is that I always get precisely what I need!

(& yeah, don't hold your breath ... blue doesn't become you)

Shalom, Dena

dena said...

LOL - I meant "Total Depravity" not "Total Deprivation"... but doesn't the belief in the former lead to the illusion of the latter?

MysticBrit said...

Crud Clearers of the World Unite! (btw there's no Separation anyway;)) You have nothing to lose but your fear, and Everything to gain. Literally.
I'll let you know, I assure you, Dena, when I find something I think you haven't covered. Indeed, I'll probably mark it on my calendar and throw a party;) I'm coming to see, as Neale DW/God would say, that I'm just re-minding myself of things my soul knows anyway, Things That Are Real.
You're so right about blue - I prefer the whole spectrum, and I'm addicted to oxygen anyway...