Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This Thursday, just two days from now, I'll be the featured speaker for a "Webinar," on the Presence Zone, with Kevin Beck of Presence, International. Basically, what that means is that I'll be interviewed, in an Internet "radio" program. I'll be speaking about transformation in general, as well as the personal transformations I've undergone in recent years (healings, shiftings, transitions).

The time will be 8:00PM EST (New York); 7:00PM CST (Mississippi); 6:00PM MST (Colorado); and 5:00PM PST (Oregon - where I be!). It should run for 60-90 minutes, and will NOT be boring, as I'm highly allergic to boring, LOL!

I have *no* idea of what I shall say, as I'll be "winging-it" ... every time I've prepared for a talk, I've ended up totally disregarded my notes, and have just gone with the flow ... and so I'm learning to trust the process, to trust that God will prompt me from within, and I'll just share out of who I am, and what I've experienced and am experiencing ... I'm as curious as anyone about what will come out of me...! ;)

Please feel free to join in -- you can participate in the conversation, either by texting/chatting (on your keyboard), or via a mic/headset (either will work). You do not have to be technologically savvy to do this ... if you can click a mouse, you can join in.

To reserve your free spot in this, just contact my friend, Kevin Beck, the host of this "Zone" meeting: kevin@presence.tv Kevin will then send you a link, to get into the "conference room" just before the scheduled time on Thursday.

Here's what Kevin had to say about this, recently:

My friend Dena Brehm will be the featured presenter in the Presence Zone on August 27.

Dena has an amazing love for people and enthusiasm for living. She is a wife, mother, artist, and popular blogger. Besides all that, I'm pretty sure that Dena know more people than anyone I've ever met.

More than just knowing people, she like them. She really likes them.

Dena has a charismatically graceful personality. Her spiritual journey speaks to the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that so many others are going through.

She and her husband Mark have worked in church ministry, been involved in the house church movement, and have friends in all walks of life.

Dena's personal story is compelling. After suffering from bulimia for over twenty years, she found healing and experienced a creative impulse. You can read about it here.

Her openness has allowed her to connect with people. You can see it for yourself on her popular blog "Shalom, Dena."

In a recent series, Dena has been exploring "The Trouble with Transformation." She makes several brilliant observations, like:

"I see transformation as a necessary-but-messy process ... not unlike the birth process. Both are conceived in a moment of wild-abandon . . . both end up with an 'expansion' . . . both come to an agonizing place of transition . . . and both end up giving birth to a new form of life. If you ask either one, in the midst of the transition, if it's a joyous thing, you're likely to be hit, or bit or annihilated, LOL! Oh, and let's not forget that the "new life" must be nurtured, treasured, honored and loved. Neither will thrive well with benign neglect, much less abuse."

You can read the entire series when you click here.

I invite you to participate in the live online Zone conversation with Dena on August 27 at 8:00 PM (New York time). There is no cost to join in the conversation. But you must register. Contact me at: kevin @ presence . tv.

When I hear from you, I will send you the log-in instructions.

The Zone is the live online gathering hosted by Presence International. It gives you an opportunity to interact with people from around the world who are awakening to life-transforming experiences. People just like you.

The Zone takes place in a web conference room on the internet. In the room, you can listen, watch slides and video, send and receive text messages, and talk using your computer microphone.

The technology is simple to use. If you can click a mouse, you have all the skills necessary.

I hope to see you in the Zone on August 27th. If you have any questions, please contact me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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