Saturday, August 29, 2009

So What's the Root of all Disease...?

[NOTE: Wee bit of disappointing news - the recording of the Presence Zone meeting didn't work, due to technical glitches and gremlins, so I can't share it with anyone ... however, I did save the slide-images ... my plan is to write a snippet-bit to go with each slide, and then share the whole thing, narrative-style, with anyone who wants it -- so email me if you'd like a copy of that: brehmites @ aol . com, minus the spy-bot-fooling spaces, of course. If I can figure it out, I'll try to post the images here as well ... been too busy blogging to figure out the technical capabilities of this site ... if anyone knows how to put images within the text, lemme know! The good news is, this glitch allowed me to start out a blog entry with the word "wee"... something I've always wanted to do, but was afraid of where I'd have to go - so to speak!]

Ok then, back to blogging!

I mentioned a rather intriguing book I've stumbled upon (which is just another way of saying, "the Spirit done led me"), and I'd love to share it with those of you who've stumbled upon this blog.

It's "The God That We've Created: The Basic Cause of all Disease." Provocative, no? I mean, now could I *not* read it? And how could I *not* share it? The author is Michele Longo O'Donnell -- she's new to me ... a health care provider, minister and counselor. Having attended both registered nurses training, and non-denominational Bible school, she came to the place where she deeply questioned the premises of both institutions, and found them wanting. And then the wilderness transformed into what many of us have come to experience as "post-Christianity" ... wherein we want to understand and experience the Spirit, through the narrative of Jesus, and discovered that we had to ditch the religion of Christianity in order to do so...!

For a while now, I've become aware that I really need to question the realm of health, disease, and healing ... as with everything else that's come across my radar, I no longer trust the answers I've been given by the tradition of man known as Christianity. And while it feels like nose-diving off a sheer cliff, sans parachute, I trust that, as always, God is going to either catch me, or else teach me to fly. And so, over the cliff I go ... come along for the ride, if you're so inclined (yeah, I know, it feels a lot like God pushed! so be it!).

I love that I put the desire "out there" and then this book appears...! It was one of those "oh dang, I've got to order another book on Amazon in order to qualify for the free shipping so I may as well choose one of these 'others who bought that book also bought these books'" options. Yeah, God works through that. He's in all things, y'know. Even Amazon. The title of this one intrigued me enough to rank, and so it appeared, on the very day in which I told Mark, "Methinks I'm going to have my world rocked in the realm of disease and health." Voila.

Rather than doing what I've done before, and copying the text here, I'll just comment on what I'm getting out of the book ... as always, listen to the Spirit's Voice within you -- you'll know what's for you, now, and what to either let go of, or else put on that "God-shelf" (you do have a God-shelf, right?).

What if there's a common denominator of all disease...? What if, behind all the various labels, presentations and diagnoses of all disease, there's a root cause ... no matter whether the disease is considered to be communicable, degenerative, congenital, or even trauma-based...? What if there's something at work which cannot be seen, even with the highest-powered microscope? What if what we DO see, whether with the eye, or with the microscope, is actually mesmerizing us, and keeping us from seeing the *unseen* reality-root of disease...?

What if medicine cannot, and never could, resolve the problem of human suffering ... what if our health care system is just a disease-management system?

And what if religion and all the human-made doctrines about God & about the origin of human suffering, only exacerbate and cement our collective and individual acceptance (& therefore the perpetuation) of disease, in the first place? (read that again, slowly ... let it sink in ... at least the possibility of it)

What if our skewed understanding of God, of the very nature and essence of God, about the character of God, is getting in the way of our health? What if our beliefs about suffering, about disease are in fact *causing* suffering and disease...? What if our beliefs simply don't line up with God's truth?

Think about examples of your own life -- how many times have you heard someone (even yourself) praying for someone's healing (maybe even your own), and there's all this begging, and pleading, and demanding, and bartering, and declaring going on ... and then the phrase, "IF it be Your will to heal, God"...? IF?!? What are we saying there? What are we revealing about what we really believe? What are we thus doing to limit healing...?

I find that I get to the point, where I realize that I must know the Truth, from God, or die trying. Nothing less but His truth will suffice ... because the wisdom of man, the pat answers of religion, the band-aids of our disease-management system, have failed me.

I've come to the place where I trust that God not only has the answers, but God wants me to know His answers. Not just *believe* for the answers, but to *know*. I see that "we shall know the truth, and the truth shall set us free." I've decided to take God seriously on that. I've decided to trust that He will, by His very Spirit, who is within us, lead us into all truth. I can't settle for less, no matter what it takes.

Now, it seems to me that we're a people quite fixated on fearing disease ... and we believe it's inevitable. We seem to just assume that we will get sick, and even become debilitated, over time -- that it's unavoidable. It's linked to the fear of death -- the "King of Terrors." We've created a multi-billion dollar disease management system, and a plethora of chemical medications to overcome this enemy we fear ... and yet we're not only not protected from disease, all this money and effort as actually served to plunge us into less health & wholeness...!

Most of us no doubt know of, or have heard of, folks who were miraculously healed, either of cancer, or AIDS, or some other "incurable" disease, in a way that stymies the medical professionals. No one can tell us, in human terms, why some are healed -- and then we wonder why others are not healed. We wonder, is there a principle involved, that we can duplicate, in order to enable all people to experience healing? Religion tells us "no." "Not all are healed, and not all are even meant to be healed - it's just not God's will for all to be healed." After all, they say, the earth is corrupt, and sin and disease are now rampant and unavoidable, and it's therefore the will of God that humans should suffer for how we've thwarted God's original perfect plan ... to the point that children must even suffer for the sins of their parents. Others say that it IS God's will that everyone be healed, but we have to conjure up "enough faith" (which is always a wee bit more than whatever we currently have)(ooh! I used "wee" twice in one post!), or else God's hands are tied. Yet others say that God loves some folks, and hates other folks -- so it depends on whether you were lucky enough to be born one of the "elect" (ever notice that folks who promote such a view never say, "and I just happen to be one of the reprobate ones - dang-it!" No, the ones who hold this view always "just happen" to be the "elect." Sheesh).

Never mind that Jesus healed everyone who asked him ... not a single one was ever turned away, in the texts that we have access to.

So, why do some get healed, while others do not? What does it take to qualify? Who decides - God, or the suffering-one?

What if the answer lies in an entirely new perspective...? One that embraces personal responsibility for our body-gifts, as well as a transformation of our beliefs and concepts of life itself? What if we have fallen away from a true-reality of life, the true-reality of the nature of God, who we really are, and why we are here, having this life, in the first place?

What if, with a major change of perspective, our very expectations would be altered? What if this would lead us into the experience of health, of wholeness? What if we could learn to live outside the expectation of disease, and what if our bodies would then follow suit?

What if we are filled with lies, individually and collectively ... false images of God, of ourselves, of our bodies, of *reality*, that need to be not only questioned, but replaced with truth -- truth that would then set us free from the tyranny of the lies we believe...?!? What if the "reality" we accept needs to be replaced with the Mind of Christ - the perspective of God?

As always, these transformations begin with being *willing* to let go of what we think we know ... being willing to listen, to hear the Voice from within, to trust that the Spirit can, and will, lead us into all truth. If we cling to what we think we know, what we think we know will be what we get.

How's that working for you, so far...? ;)

Insanity is doing (or thinking!) the same thing, over and over, expecting different results.

What IF man was created to be free from all disease and suffering? (if that strikes you as blasphemous, ask yourself what you really believe? then ask God if it's true.) What if we could experience radical health and wholeness here and now, no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in? What if we could live on earth, as it is in heaven...?

What if...?

Wanna find out if it's really possible...? Stay tuned! Let's explore this one together, and see what the Spirit shows us.


Shalom, Dena


marianne said...

I absolutely believe that we were created to walk in God wholeness. It is so disappointing to hear people identify themselves with a disease: " I have heart disease." "I am diabetic." "I always get a cold this time of year." It never resonates with my spirit. It's like we are saying that we are victims, not victors, resigned to the the fact that it has to be this way. We can and should change our thinking, by examining where our beliefs come from and why...then believe something more accurate ;-) Great post Dena...have to find that book.

Dena said...

Precisely, Marianne...!

Not at all surprised that you're seeing this, too. I think you'd enjoy the book -- very engagingly written. Methinks I shall contact her when I'm done! If she doesn't already know my friends in Texas (where she lives), she should!

I'd love to hear her speak some time ... and I'm barely into the book!

Some things you just *know* when you hear them. as in, "That's IT!"

Shalom, Dena

Anonymous said...

Paul said"

2Cr 4:16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

2Cr 4:17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

2Cr 4:18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

Poor Paul. If he only knew what you know he would have never had a negative confession.
I'v seen people die because they chose NOT to receive treatment. Presumption is a mind disease that destroys the wisdom to realize that any miracle or healing is only temporary. Lazarus eventually died after being raised from the dead. Faith denies the finality of death and disease. True healing is eternal and there is only one way to get there and that is through death.

little castle said...

This is a topic that is very intriguing to me personally and I've spent quite a bit of time digging into it (long story for another day as to why I have spent much time here). As always, much to chew on here, dear friend!


little castle said...
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Dena said...

Anonymous -

Thank you for sharing your opinion, as did Paul.

Those verses buoy up what I'm coming to believe - thank you.

If you want to have a genuine conversation here, please feel free to remain anonymous -- however, if you are here to criticize, please have the integrity of using your name.

Thanks! :)

Camille said...

Wow Dena, That is a place where I would like to be, unafraid of illness, disease or death and having the knowledge that God wishes me to be strong and healthy. Really looking forward to your continuing blogs, and hoping I can at least start to move towards that goal of changing my ingrained beliefs, thanks so much for blogging :)

Namaste, Camille :D

~Katherine said...

Certainly worth more thought, Dena. And more conversation. Thanks so much for posting it. Dang woman. You the blog extraordinaire!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a conversation. I have always loved a good debate as well. I don't pretend to have all the answers. I have realized the mystery of God's purpose is usually based on eternal values beyond the time and space realm. God has accomplished all things in Christ temporal and eternal. Even though Christ was crucified 2000 years ago. Scripture states he was slain from the foundations of the world. To God, a thousand years are as a day.

I desire for the Lord to make me whole and so I ask him to manifest his eternal perfection (in the eternal realm)to heal my body( in the temporal realm). I am already healed and whole in the eternals but according to HIS eternal purpose he may or may not manifest it in my temporal world. Paul was a gifted man and I rejoice that he had signs and wonders following him. Paul also left some ill behind according to scripture. I can say I am healed and whole from God's perspective but I will still pray "Your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven" until my last breath. I have a daughter that was born with a disability. My world totaly collapsed when she was born with down syndrome. I can say I have had my eyes opened to just what God's idea of perfection really is. Sometimes miracles do hide. Only Gods idea of perfection really matters. When I make my list of desires and present it to God, he just laughs. Just my perpective of things but I am only looking through a glass darkly.

Jennifer said...

Hmmm...very interesting and thought provoking, I just might have to dig into this a bit further.

I have always had a thought that our diseases, and are beliefs and the way we live life are intertwined..For instance, when I am not living in that relationship of love and trust with Father, I tend to be really anxious and stressed and feel like I have to take care of myself,(and I think the fear of death plays a part here) that causes all kinds of physical symptoms, but when I rest in Him, I feel I become more physically healthy as well...what do you think?

marianne said...

To anonymous, I would say that of course our view of perfection and God's are clearly different in many areas, (I believe your daughter is perfect, as she is and is bringing blessings beyond what you expect.) However, there are areas in our lives that we just toss off to "disease" that are certainly able to be controlled through using God's good sense in temprance, nutrition and stress free living and right beliefs (which can be toxic or healthy). None of us has all the answers, hence the discussion and information sharing. Bless you , my friend.

Paige said...

"and I just happen to be one of the reprobate ones - dang-it!"

Thanks for the laugh this morning! : )

karl.kgraff said...

I believe that we can walk in wholeness without positive confessions, et al. God loves us and wants us to have abundant life- I think that it is safe to say that.

It is safe to say that people get sick, some are born with less that perfect health, and all die.

It is safe to say that according to the scripture, sin is the cause- not particular sin, but sin. Sin has affected the entire creation, and for His own reasons, God has chosen to let it operate as such.

I believe that Jesus is life, provision, health- He is whatever Life is. I believe that when He returns and claims His place as King that in that eent will be the restoring of creation- back to its pre sin infected state. Then all will be as it should be- no death, etc.

He heals- but not always. It is not by our will ordesire but by His. He (God) is our loving Father- but not only that. We can limit Him in many ways, and I am content to let some of HIm remain a mystery- yet to be revealed. He is to great for me to know wholly, at least at this time- but not too great for me to know. It is more important that He knows me wholly and loves me, by His own choice. I trust HIm regardless of what my circumstances are, and look forward to the day when I will see Him face to face, and know Him as I am known by Him.

(Another) Paige said...

Some further resources to check out for those interested:

"Feelings Buried Alive Never Die" and "Healing Feelings From The Heart" both by Karol K. Truman


German New Medicine:

Just more food for thought to chew on, and maybe some more pieces of the puzzle.

Paige Marshall

Dena said...

Anonymous -- please accept my apoloty - it seems that I confused you with someone else (someone who seems determined to follow me around on the 'Net and correct whatever I share). I over-reacted - please forgive me for that.

Like Marianne, I would see your daughter as perfect, just as she is. Who she is is not confined, nor limited by either her body, nor her mind. She's whole, as we all are, in the Spirit. She has a particular role to fill, and she's doing it, beautifully ... she has many lessons to teach you, to teach all of us, if we're but willing to see past the form, into the truth-beneath-the-surface. I lost three babies to miscarriage -- and yet they, even in their short lives, had much to teach me, much to give me.

Just some thoughts:

What if those who were left ill (by Paul, by others), weren't ready to see themselves as anything but sick ... I see that Jesus asked the man by the pool, "do you WANT to be healed?"

What if it's our perspective, our mindset that needs healing, and our body follows? What if we're to seek first the Kingdom of God (His reign within us - His perspective OF us), and all the other things, including healing (the outward manifestation of the already-done inward wholeness of our nature-in-Him) are then added to us?

Yes, indeed, often miracles do seem to "hide"... open our eyes, God, and increase our "bearability" to be led into all truth...!

Thank you for your portion here ...

Dena said...

Jennifer -

What I think is that you're on to something here! If I believe a thing, it will manifest in my life in my body, in my emotions, and in how I view/experience the world around me. If I believe disease is just a part of life, I will have disease. And because we collectively believe this, disease does manifest -- I'm wondering, do I have to accept what manifests? Do I have to allow the beliefs of others to become my reality? Or am I respnsible for renewing my own mind, letting lies be replaced with truth, which THEN becomes my experience.

According to the medical authorities, I'm not supposed to be healed of bulimia, as the collective belief is that bulimia cannot be overcome, only better coped-with. Well, I can't help it -- I went and got healed ... and it happened because God showed me the lies I was believing, and then replaced them with His truth -- and I was set free. So, I have doctors who won't take me (or my family) on as patients, since they say I have "clear psychological disorders" in believing I'm healed, LOL!

Oh well, I've been spared...!

I have more questions than answers at this time, but I'm very much diving off the cliff of my former understanding, in order to have my mind renewed in this area ... I want all the truth that sets me free that I can bear!

Dena said...

Hi Karl!

Yes, as you point out, it is indeed "safe" to believe the things that you mentioned (that disease just "is," that we will die of something, that sin is rampant, that we mucked everything up (thwarted God's perfect plan, and so now He's stuck with "Plan B") ...

... but how is that working out, believing those things? Do they bring us the fruits that Jesus said the Way would bring us? Do we thus have less fear, more peace, more joy? Is this really a picture of the Abundant Life, or is it the (counterfeit, as I see it) Christian Life? And which one did Jesus speak of?

What if we entirely misunderstood the return (Parousia) of Jesus? What if sin really was meant to be "done away with", and iniquity "no more", as Daniel said would happen in the new covenant? What if the New heavens and New earth are spiritual realities that we enter into here and now -- accessible to all, and that if we see them in terms of a literal/observable occurance/utopia, we miss the point, and thus do not enter in nor experience that which is at hand, and in our midst?

I notice Jesus said that this Kingdom would *not* come by observation, that we cannot see it with eyes of flesh.

Perhaps there's something to explore here?

The discussion forum and the articles at would be good exploration-resources for this understanding.

Since doing so myself, I do not see the scriptures through the same lens that Christianity taught me ... suddenly the scriptures fell into coherency, and consistency, when read through the metaphorical/historical lens, rather than the literal/observable lens.

Dena said...

Glad you enjoyed the chuckle, Paige..! ;)

And (Another) Paige -- thanks so much for those reSources!

MysticBrit said...

My heart says you're right, Dena. It's yet another example of us believing lies. I'm going to see how this works out as I let it take root in my deepest places...

I too want all the truth I can bear, and this all seems True to me.

'Tis Good:)



karl.kgraff said...


I will look into those sites in the next few days- today I am resting.

I do not have control over the creation. I only walk with the one who does, and in that I am following, not leading.

The Kingdom is here now, not in its fullness but it is unmistakably here.

Thanks for some good food for thought- I'll read and see what we find...


Dena said...

Bless you, Karl!

Enjoy your rest -- resting is an important part of the journey!

May you be enveloped by His Presence today!

MysticBlueRose said...

I am pondering...not knowing. Which is a good place to be. :o)

Anonymous said...

Someone said "Although the post-Reformation church focuses on the believer’s status before God as salvation, the pre-Reformation church understood salvation in terms of union with Christ, as Paul addresses in Romans 6:

We are united in his life, death, burial, and resurrection (vv. 3, 5, 8).
Since we are united with him, we participate in his triumph over sin and death (vv. 6, 9-11).
Our present life is a proclamation of the future hope promised to those united with him (v. 4-5).
Life is not imparted by the acquisition of knowledge, whether theological or otherwise. Nor is life imparted by the self-efforts of desire or good works. May we not affirm the hopelessness of self-saving religion. Rather, may we cling to the promise of living under grace."

I truly believe that some have sold out to mind idolatry and redefined what faith is. Faith is only as good as the object you place your faith in. If I believe in my ability to have faith then I am still in the realm of my own desires and efforts. If I place my faith in, and have come in union with Christ, then his ability or life is imparted to me.

The cults and the spirit of deception do a great job of taking first century words and pouring in different meanings to open up those (that are willing) to deceptive spirits. If my ability to believe or have faith is what God honors, then God has to submit to a higher force than himself FAITH. This is heresy and changes faith from a trust-in rely-on word to a force God is obligated to submit to. I am healed and made whole because of my union with Christ. His life casts out all fear and is my Victory. Revelation of these truths will set us all free to Glorify Him no matter what. Blessings to all that can know Christ this way.

Dena said...

Anonymous -

I enjoyed much of what you had to say here ... much resonates. I no longer see the reformation as a huge factor though, as it only switched the requirement for "right works" to a requirement for "right beliefs". God, as I've come to understand and experience Him, transcends our ability to do anything right ... but seems to delight in revealing to us, just how right everything/everyone always was...!

I love that, as our minds are renewed, we're set free from all that humans have taught us ... indeed, we have no need for any human to teach us (we have the Teacher within), and are even to call no man "teacher" ... and yet, how fun and glorious to be able to have conversations that serve to awaken each other...!

Lisa said...

Wow! All I can say is WOW!! To this blog post and to the comments that follow...AMEN! An answer to some serious searching...I will be purchasing that book too and keep up with this convo...God is so good, it just blows me away...Hey Jesus started all this mess when He said that He came to give us Life and Life more abondately! Few dare to truly go there - glad I've found a bunch of Dare Devils! (I was going to change that phrase, but to some we are devils for thinking/believing outside the box.) Toodles for now, Lisa

Dena said...

Welcome, Lisa...!

Your comment had me grinning the whole way through -- I sure 'nuff recognize truth in your words...!

I love how the Spirit draws us together ... just when we thought we were the only dangerous-and-crazy one ... then we find that we are LEGION (fits with your devilish anaology!).

Looking forward to getting to know you...!

Shalom, Dena