Friday, August 21, 2009

My Favorite Sport: Setting Captives Free

The cry for "FREEDOM" has long been heard throughout history ... this, I believe, is because it's our very heart-cry. We know we are meant to live in utter freedom. We feel it, we can taste it ... it's who we are.

And yet, look at the myriad of resistances we have to freedom ... those who fear freedom (the "slippery slope into licentiousness"!) and so do their darndest to impose external rules, demanding conformity (or else!). Those who fear the responsibility that comes with our inherent freedom, and so they want to passively wait for someone else to show up and impose the rules. Those who fear the unfamiliarity of a free life, preferring the "safety" of the enslavement they've always known.

It's as if we've all been set free, and yet we walk around with a set of portable bars in front of us, seeing the world through that "lens"... in effect carryout out our own life-sentence of enslavement.

We all have a choice -- and yet, sometimes it takes those of us who have been radically set free to live that freedom *out-loud*, reminding those who have forgotten their freedom, and inspiring those who don't realize that freedom is their very nature...

(I've noticed that this comes with a price-tag though ... sometimes the very ones we're trying to liberate can bite the snot out of us! When their ego screams about the dangers of freedom, they can't hear the Still, Small Voice who beckons them to jump off the cliff ... and learn to FLY...!)

I'd love to see those folks un-enslaved ... thing is, many of them are like the Israelites in the desert ... get them into the transition to freedom, and they start yammering for the security and seeming safety of the enslavement.

Some of us humans really *don't* want the responsibility that God gives us ... we prefer to be the stupid sheep, and let someone else be in charge of our choices.

Many of us prefer the predictability and comfort of our familiar enslavement ... by contrast the wide-open spaces of our freedom can overwhelm and panic those who don't yet know Who They Really Are.

Ok - we have that option.

But it's like a spiritual lobotomy.

BTDT, ain't going back!

I guess it's just my lot in life, and my honor, to keep getting bit.

I just can't shut up ... can't even find the dimmer-switch...! ;)

Shalom, Dena


marianne said...

Interesting to see your post and your analogy to prison....I was thinking along the same lines this morning when I wrote my blog! You are sure true to your calling to set the captives go girl;-)

Dena said...

Bless you, Marianne, for blessing me...! I'm so, so grateful to be in this place, where I can share what I see, and where I run into others who see the same thing!

Shalom, Dena