Sunday, August 30, 2009

What do You BELIEVE about Disease: Tweak a Belief - Change Your Life...!

Well, if the number of comments on yesterday's post is any indication, this topic is a timely and deep one for many of us...!

Just so you know, it's not that I've formed a conclusion here, and am trying to "get" the rest of you to see what I see... I'm sharing what I'm reading, AS I'm reading, and putting my thoughts out there -- as one journeying-human to other journeying-humans, discovering together, as we go, what the Spirit is saying and doing, as He's leading us into all truth. I have an inkling about where all this is going, but it feels, to me, more like a deep "remembering" than like a new concept -- can anyone else relate to that thought?

I'll assume that this isn't unique with me, and that others can, or could, relate. I believe that deep within each of us, perhaps seemingly out of reach, perhaps buried under much distraction, perhaps skewed by what we've been taught, and have collectively believed, we already *have* the truth about life, we already have access to God's perspective, and that His perspective is our own truest, deepest, perhaps-forgotten, perspective as well.

This realm of knowing seems so obscured, and even denied, by our own egoic/carnal level of "knowing." The limited-human level of knowing is skewed. It will only accept that which can be proven, verified, authenticated through evidence. Y'know, that which would hold up in court. But we have a relational-connection to God, not a judicial-connection.

And so we have religious authorities and medical authorities, declaring that they, and they alone, have the answers for us to accept. To me, this smacks of "arrogant ignorance."

There comes a time when the pat answers no longer suffice ... life itself demonstrates that it doesn't stay within tidy and explicable categories. We can end up with a million unanswered questions, and answers that no longer make sense. I believe that the uanswered questions are not nearly as dangerous as the unquestioned answers. I came to the place where I strongly believed that I was supposed to challenge those unquestioned answers -- and that it was God who was leading me to do so, because the answers were totally illegitimate, and did not reflect Him, or His nature...!

It seems to me that we've got to take this all the way to the root of who we think we are, as human beings. Who first told us that we were fallen, unworthy, and that we must therefore suffer pain and sickness in order to earn worthiness...? Who first told us that we were depraved? That we were separated from God? Who told us that it was our lot in life to suffer, and that this was part of our redemption? And who told us that it was GOD who required this...?!?

What if the very acceptance of such thoughts/beliefs, about God, about ourselves, is what has caused and allowed the suffering to exist in the first place...?

What if disease does *not* have a physical origin and cause...? What if the physical disease-symptoms are just the manifestation of what we think and believe...?

In so many ways, I've been discovering that our experience of life is based on our perspective of life. To change our experience, we must change our perspective. It seems quite imperative that in order to launch into this journey, we must have an open mind, the ability to let go of what we think we already know, and a desire to know the truth, whatever it may be. Of course, with that, a requirement to believe that God has the truth, and wants us to know it. And that He's rendered us capable of knowing His truth. If we believe we cannot know truth, and that God even does not want us to know truth -- we may do well to question that belief, and see if THAT belief is true...!

Y'know, I think that if my old way of thinking/believing could've set me free, it would've by now. I've sure given my old ways much time and effort...! Maybe 'tis time to stop beating my head against that wall? Maybe doing/thinking/believing the same thing, over and over, and expecting different results, really IS insanity (whether individually or collectively)?

Another belief that could use some questioning is the concept that we are comprised of matter. The modern era has been dominated by scientific proof and evidence -- and yet, even science is now moving beyond-proof ... quantum physics goes beyond matter ... to show that matter is more ethereal than material ... and is held together by a "force". Even the very laws of nature are expanding, as our minds are opened to the "much more" that there is for us to discover.

Science itself has become a "god" that we've collectively created.

Perhaps we need to allow our "religious" concepts to expand as well ... perhaps we need to move completely beyond religion itself, in order to be led by the Spirit into the "much more" that God has for us to discover.

What if we're more spiritual, than material ... what if our bodies are mere "vehicles" to be used during this human-life we're experiencing, but are not who we really are? What if the belief that we ARE our bodies, coupled with a belief that we're "meant" to suffer, is what's causing all the suffering and disease?

Look at what we "blame" for disease: our age, our gender, our parents, our environment, our habits, the water, the air, the soil ... everything outside of us. Thus, we've become victims -- and hopeless victims at that!

Even more, we've made everything around us a potential enemy! The worst enemy being our own unpredictable and self-betraying bodies! The solution, the medical profession tells us, is to take a pill, follow a diet, or undergo a surgery. And the driving motivation behind it all is FEAR.

And so we turn to God, but the problem is, we've been taught about a God who is to be feared -- and that He WANTS us to fear Him. We end up with a sense of dread, a sense of separation from God, a sense of separation from all other human beings. We're taught that we're inherently unworthy, and that God is impossibly exacting, and wholly un-pleasable.

What if disease is the result of, and a physical manifestation of, all the fear, confusion and defeat that we've been taught to feel - because of our "inescapable failure" in God's perspective...? What if we have both created the experience of disease, AND the very reason for it to continue to exist...? And how insane is it then to approach God for healing, believing that we've earned this suffering, and that God wants us to have it "for our own good?"

What if disease is a physical manifestation of belief -- whether the belief is our own, or that which comes to us as a collective-belief -- about God, about ourselves, about life...? (an interesting and eye-opening study is to look at the power of propaganda!)

It seems so very starkly clear to me, that we must shed "man's image of God", and let go of what we've been taught, what we've told ourselves, to let go of the ego's/carnal-mind's understanding of what we think we know, and to turn to God for our answers, for our perspective...! In short, to align with God, with God's Kingdom, and allow "all these things" to be added to us.

Here's the good news: beliefs can be challenged. beliefs can be corrected. beliefs can be transformed. And when our beliefs are transformed, so are WE, and so is our experience of life!

We CAN find freedom from our current enslavement -- not only is it OK with God, but Who do you think is leading you into this awareness...? ;)

(Tomorrow, let's look at the illegitimacy of disease...)

Shalom, Dena


marianne said...

Wow, much to chew on. I believe you are on the right path to be asking the questions. Until we can learn to ask the right questions, we can't come up with the right answers ;-) The causes and effects are not linear, (do this and then that will stop happening) but so much more than that and must be unravelled, one belief at a time. We must stop assuming that we know and go with the flow of revalation that we can each get if we are still long enough to listen.

Dena said...


I keep hearing my own deepest thoughts coming out of your mouth (or keyboard, LOL!).

Is that cool or WHAT?!?

marianne said...

HA! Great minds....

MysticBrit said...

Cool indeed, Dena. I also believe the truth is within us, and when we release the pressure of what we've been told is true, this Truth will flow out of us like living waters.

All our ideas about God have to undergo transformation, an evolving. We are the Glory of God made visible, but we've told ourselves something very different. We godda re-mind ourselves:)

I sense Dis-ease is indeed the outworking of the lies we've told ourselves. I'll let this also take root in me, and see what fruit it produces.

What if there's really no separation between what we call 'physical' and 'spiritual'? As you say, and this is such a powerful idea, 'matter' and 'energy' are interchangeable, and it's all a matter of perspective. As science goes ever deeper into this, we've even coined the term 'God-particle' to describe the 'force' which gives everything its 'is-ness'.

A Great and Mighty Wonder!:D

Again, you rock.

Namaste, my friend,


Dena said...

BINGO, Harry!!!

Funny you should mention the "living waters" ... Michele Longo O'Donnell (the author of this book), goes into a wonderful analogy (or expose of truth), about how the Living Waters, the River of Life, does indeed flow through us (through all things), and when we block the flow, due to the lies we believe, we create our own inner swamps -- which breed all manner of "dis-ease" which do then manifest in the physical realm as "disease."

We create the disease itself, and we can thus dismantle it -- we can remove the "log-jam" in our eye (our consciousness), and thus let the healing waters flow through, sweeping away the debris, and health will again manifest in our bodies...!

Cool no? AS a man thinks in his own heart, so IS he.

We are responsible, accountible, and therefore powerful agents of co-creation with God -- we are NOT victims!

MysticBrit said...

Preach it, Sister!:D I couldn't put it any better if I tried. I sense the truth of it all in the depths of my soul.

All is One. And it's So Beautiful. Such sweet freedom. We have a choice, so let's choose Life. We are indeed Co-Creators, being unique expressions of God in the physical realm. The Word made Flesh. What Beautiful Heresy!:D



MysticBrit said...

I watched a superb prog recently about how scientists are on the verge of creating the first artificial cell - a mind-blowingly astonishing thing in itself and maybe worthy of a blog;) - and one point was made that DNA has been replicating itself pretty well probably for over 3 billion years, which is as close to immortality as we get.

Maybe we are indeed built to last for ever... Yikes and Lawksamercy! The Heresy of it!:D

I love me some Holy Sedition with my brekkies;)