Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Morphing Perspective of Jesus ... and Thus of Us!

Sooooo ... what have I come to believe about Jesus? I'll share it with you, even as it's morphing, emerging, developing ... and this is what I see for today, for now -- awaiting further revelation...!

Many folks already know that I believe that all are saved. Puts me on the spiritual hit-list with some. Put me on the prayer list (as in "pray for her deceived and dangerous soul!") with others.

But I've come to see something way-beyond that ... I believe that we never had anything to be saved *from* in the first place. I no longer believe that we are separated from God, or ever were. In fact, it now strikes me as absurd! How the heck did we think we could manage to get separated from Omnipresence in the first place...? God permeates all that is -- in Him we live and move and have our being ... we are only alive because He enlivens us.

I don't believe in original sin, either. Much of the historical Christian church never swallowed that theory. Eastern Orthodoxy doesn't uphold it. I see "original blessing" instead. I see that the Garden of Eden is a parable of us, in the "womb" ... and we had to be born, to experience the sense of "separation" (even as each infant must), in order to experience the perception of being apart from God ... in order to return to God. We come from God, we return to God. (The parable of the prodigal son is a lovely story that expounds on this -- taught by Jesus, who wanted us to see something deeper than the words He conveyed.) Nor do I any longer entertain the notion that "God cannot be near sin."

I'll expound on that a bit ...

~ I see the "fall" as the acquiring of an intensified sense of ego/duality in mankind (there is historic/archaeological/geological evidence to show that a sudden and massive "shift" occurred in mankind, 6,000 years ago -- prior to that violence was merely accidental).

~ I see the story of Adam and Eve as just that -- a story. A parable. Jesus only taught in parables, and He says He did what He saw the Father doing ... I see the Father inspiring folks to write parables in the Hebrew scriptures as well. "Adam" and "Eve" are not first names -- they're never again used in scripture. Instead, they mean, "mankind" and "mother of life", respectively. I see them as symbolic of human-kind, at some point in history -- showing us what happened when humanity experienced a significant shift in ego-focus.

~ If God cannot be near sin, then why does He go to them, after they "fell" and sinned? THEY hide, but He goes a-looking. They have shame, but He has compassion. He talks with them, takes care of them, helps them to face what they've done (though they blame-shift!), and He provides for them. He also warns them of the consequences of their choice to "eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (i.e., to see from an egoic perspective of judging everything as good or evil - or duality). [As a sidebar, God warns Eve (woman) that Adam (man) will seek to rule over her as his ego-reaction. If it had been a command, God would've addressed Adam. And, God warns Eve (woman) that her ego-reaction will be to seek to find her sense of identity/security in him (man).]

~ Regarding the belief that we are separated from God: David says, "where can I go where you are not - if I go to the abode of the dead, You are there." Even in the most "God-forsaken" place, God is THERE.

~ Paul says, "nothing created [which includes you, and me, and every human, AND our wills] can separate us from the love of God." And God IS love. Love and God are synonymous.

~ Then there's the prayer of Jesus, on the night before He let Himself be killed (He laid down His life for a purpose..!). The most fervent thing on His mind, was that we would know that we are One ... with each other, and with Jesus, and with God. That we would be one AS Jesus and the Father are One. I notice that the Prodigal-Father's answer to the son (who lacked awareness of his connection to the Father) was, "My son, you are always with Me. Everything I have is yours." I believe He says that to each and every one of us..!

~ And further, when Jesus was supposedly "full of our sin", and Jesus supposedly felt the separation as God supposedly turned His back on Jesus -- the *reality* is that "God was IN Christ, reconciling the world to Himself." AT that moment. FURTHER, the Lamb was slain from the foundation of the world..! WE just had to have it play out in history, before our eyes, so we could *get* it...! (& we still don't!) [Regarding Jesus crying out, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" ... He was calling out the first line of Psalm 22. They didn't number or title their psalms. They used the first line ... and all Jewish men memorized all the psalms ... as Jesus cried the first line out, they all knew what the rest of the psalm said ... go read it for yourself, particularly v. 27 on, so you can see precisely what He was wanting to convey to them, as His dying breaths prevented Him from saying much more than that.]

So, what if...?

~ What if Jesus doesn't want to be worshipped, any more than He wanted worship then?

~ What if WE took His life and teaching, and made Him into a tangible image of God -- which is something the Israelites were forbidden to do...?

~ What if the "anti-Christ" is to put the historical Jesus in the place of Christ? (anti doesn't mean "against" so much as "instead of")

~ What if we've focused on Jesus, instead of The Christ?

~ What if the Christ is OUR identity? We are "in Christ". Jesus is our elder brother, but there is only one Son of God -- all of humanity as One.

Next -- what I'm seeing that Jesus demonstrated/demonstrates to us...

Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

That business about violence suddenly becoming 'intentional' about 6000 years ago is very interesting, Dena. I hadn't realised that. Where did you find that little gem of info?

It all comes down to us needing to mature in our thinking, stop all projection of our inner, illusory mind-world onto reality, and, just... wake up.

I find that the more I "live in the light" of this New Day the more my heart's quickened and the more I want to "go, tell it on the mountains"!

cwtpmom said...

You have made a remarkable connection between Psalms 22 and Mark 15:34. Thank-you for opening my eyes to that!

I looked it up in my most favorite commentary and it was right there, with further explanation as follows:
"It seems that in addition to the fearful suffering incident to crucifixion, the agony of Gethsemane intensified beyond human power to endure. In that bitterest hour the dying Christ was alone. Alone in most terrible reality. That the supreme sacrifice of the Son might be consummated in all its fulness, the Father seems to have withdrawn the support of his immediate Presence, leaving to the Savior of men the glory of complete victory over the forces of sin and death." (Talmage, p. 661) eBook by Talmage

I look forward to reading what comes next, and hope that at some point you will include your testimony that you believe that Jesus is the Christ.

Dena said...

Harry - I highly recommend the book, "The Fall" by Steve Taylor. It's about the advent of the ego -- or the explosion of it (it had always been there, but had not been dominant until 6,000 years ago). It brings into sharp focus the entire panoply of human history ... including all of the religious mythologies (including Genesis). So many pieces fell into place for me ('course, that's the ongoing story of my life!). Most importantly, for me, it brings for the current hope of how we are regaining our collective sanity ... it's been an awakening that showed up in earnest 300 years ago ... as compassion returned -- compassion is THE antidote to the ego. For me, this book is a must-read.

Connie - yes, those passages have a clear connection. However, I cannot more strongly disagree with the findings of Talmadge. I see that the notion of a separation is only the explanation of the EGO -- and not God's perspective. Did you see what I shared? We were mistaken in why Jesus cried out that "title" of the psalm ... He was not feeling any separation -- He was trying to tell us what was going on ... that He was demonstrating that God was always reconciled to all of us.

cwtpmom said...

Isn't it great that we can agree to disagree, and that we can each share our knowledge/wisdom without fear? I can see the good in some things you write, and reject others. I read your explanation of Psalms 22, but strongly disagree. I see clearly that was the point in the life of Jesus when He was left entirely on His own, and He succeeded. Horray for Jesus! I am saved.

MysticBrit said...

I had a look at some reviews of The Fall, Dena, and it looks like just the sort of book I'd relish. Thanks. And, amazingly, it's not written by someone in Oregon, but a Brit who actually has the same ISP as me;)

'The Advent of the Ego' would be a great title for a book. But then Steve Taylor's already written it. Curses, foiled again!:D

Dena said...

Not *every*thing good must come forth from out of Oregon...! ;)

If you do read this, Harry (& really, I'm seeing it as a must-read for those who want to see the big picture of the ego ... to learn from whence we came, and therefore, where we go from here), then we must chat! I'm eager to discuss it ... even as I'll be blogging a bit on it, and the book I read following (which so FIT!), "The Dance of the Dissident Daugher" (the damage done from the patriarchal stranglehold the ego has had ... how it hurts both women and men...!).

Dena said...

Hey Connie - didn't get the notification for your comment 'til just now (silly laptop!). Yes, we have the freedom to see as we see ... how else could we see but as we see? And unity (our true state) doesn't require unanimity.

MysticBrit said...

Well, Dena, I could actually call you if you're ok with that (time zones and your life permitting!) as my broadband package includes all calls to the US, even cells.

I checked 'The Dance', and it looks like something that men could profit from reading too, in no small measure. I love the story of the Mother Superior she tells on her website, who told her that it's about time folks learned that God is more than two men and a bird! Hilarious!

cwtpmom said...

LOL, can you imagine either of us seeing any other way?? Why do you spose that is? I think it may have something to do with freedom. I strongly believe in freedom. It is a big part of my religion.

Does your "morphing" perspective put freedom inside or outside of religion?

Dena said...

LOL - I'd forgotten that quote! Just shared it with Mark, and we're still guffawing over it! What a hoot! Yes, indeedy, the God I am experience is very much more than 2 men and a bird! I'm very much wanting to embrace the sacred feminine ... to incorporate it ... it's not the nature of the feminine to dominate ... but to integrate, to share, to join. This isn't about competition anyway (a notion akin to ego, but utterly foreign to Spirit) ... it's about both/and. Sheesh, what ELSE do we see permeating nature, but a sublime and celebratory joining of male and female?!? How ELSE does life begin and flourish...?

WHAT were we thinking! Oh, that's right, we weren't thinking ... we were reacting.

I do think that "Dance of the Dissident Daughter" would make fine reading for the men who can handle it. You (as well as my Mark) are not "ordinary men" ... you're both men who are in touch with your own feminine side, and so it's not a threat to your identity, but a welcome discovery. I'm giving Mark the gist of it as we drive home from the airport-hotel today ... he's eager to experience my experience, so as to better become my champion. I don't need a "savior/fixer" ... but I very much desire a companion in this aspect of my journey.

Don't know what order would be best for you (you'll know), but I'm utterly gob-smacked with what unfolded for me: Mike Morrell makes a strong recommendation that I read "The Fall", a newish book. I do ... I find it captivating. From there, I get a strong recommendation from my friend Ruby to read "Dance" ... which has been around since '96, which I've heard of forever, and which I've intended to get around to ... it fits perfectly with the message of "Fall" -- THEN, last night, in our hotel room, we watched a movie that's been out for years, which we own, which I've intended to make time to watch, "The DaVinci Code" ... and I was struck with the uncanny and repeating messages in that movie ... about the divine feminine, how history has been distorted to support an egoic/patriarchal agenda, how women have been suppressed (i.e., tortured, killed, maligned), in the "name of God's truth" ... how we have to recapture the divine feminine ... and, most importantly, as stated at the end, "Is Jesus God, or man --- how many have been killed over that question? What if he's both, what if humanity is divinity?"


The timing, the way in which I've been led to receive these unfolding messages, is sublime!

Dena said...

Just to clarify: I'm not claiming, nor making a case, that everything in the "DaVinci Code" movie is truthful. I just found it striking. Much, I believe, is worth investigating, inquiring ... asking God about. Mark and I had quite the interesting "what if" discussion after seeing it ... where did we get the notion that to be holy, one must be celibate? That's a patriarchal dismissal of all that's feminine, earthly, "of the flesh/body". It's not the view of God who made male AND female in God's image, and said, "be fruitful." Not the view of God, who described sex in a beautifully free and expressive manner in the Song of Solomon (read a Hebrew-based version to get the full and utter unabashedness of it). Not the view of God who revealed the resurrection to a woman FIRST, and told her to be the first to share the good news with others. Not the view of God who describes God as El Shaddai - the Many-Breasted-One. Not the God who uses the symbol of the snake (the ancient symbol of feminine divine) in the desert, to bring forth healing. Not the God who reveals Sophia (wisdom) as that which was with God in the beginning, creating and infilling all things (same description as the Logos, the Dabhar, the Word, the Christ). Yes, there's much I'm wanting to unfold here ... wanting to question status quo here ... wanting to see this from God's perspective ... wanting to experience God as *Womb* -- the Source of all Life.

I'm putting much on the God-Shelf ... awaiting the enlightenment of the Spirit ... trusting to continue to be led into all truth ... intentionally increasing my bearability ...

Dena said...

Oh - and Harry...

I'm completely ok with calling.

I'd love to talk with you on the phone (telly)! Email me, and we'll exchange all those digits -- we've got a handy-dandy international call plan (at least I think we've still got it -- will check with Mark, my admin specialist!).

Dave said...

Dena, you said that Jesus died for a purpose. What in your view of things was that purpose?

Dena said...

Hi Dave!

My understanding is still emerging and unfolding ... it's in that nebulous zone where it's hard to put it into words ... and I realize that in trying to put it into words, it can be misunderstood.

Still, I'll do my best. :)

AISI, at this point, awaiting further revelation ... I see that the purpose of Jesus' death was to show us that this life, this tangible/physical realm, is not all there is. It's even the most *real* realm that is. He demonstrated, in human form, what had already been done, spiritually, when the Lamb was slain from the foundations of the world ... that there is no separation between humanity and God. That mankind IS reconciled to God. That the separation had always and only been in our own minds. He also demonstrated, in resurrecting, that life is eternal ... that there is no death. That it's just another stage of life, much akin to birth. A transition.

And, I fully trust that there's more, much more.

But I no longer believe that any of the various atonement *theories* work, at least not for me. I no longer believe that God had to kill God to appease God. I think that mankind, blinded by the egoic scape-goat mindset, intrepreted Jesus' death in the same way they thought that God wanted sacrifices ... but He's always been after mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

Just how I'm seeing it, for today. YMMV...! :)

Dena said...

Egads, shoulda proofed!

This: "It's even the most *real* realm that is."

Should read thusly: "It's NOT even the most *real* realm that is."

Hopefully you knew what I meant to say ...

MysticBrit said...

I think you just about tied it up there, Dena.

One of the songs I really enjoyed singing back in the days was El Shaddai. I certainly didn't realise what it meant at the time, as it was just a beautiful song. I wonder how many folks do in fact know what it means?!:D

And that's a whole other subject to me - what do I do with the all the music, ancient and modern, much of which expresses ideas I find totally alien now? Some I can enjoy just as glorious sounds, but others...well..!!

Perchance I might blog. Blogito, ergo sum:)

Dena said...

LOL, many of my fave songs are no longer working for me... new insights have certainly "ruined" much of my music...!

But, since I can no longer sing what's no longer true for me, I'm guessing that new music is being birthed in me. The inner music is much more inviting to me than the outer music ever could pretend to be ...

Frank said...

I've never thought of the tree as a warning against judging everything as either good or evil ("duality" as you call it). I see the tree of knowledge of good and evil as a picture of what's going on in all of us: we're deciding for ourselves what is good and what is evil. We'll be the judge. That's setting us up on the throne as king. And in contrast to the tree of life which is us laying our judging down for His judging.

Enjoyed reading your thoughts. Have you ever considered Israel's journey as a symbolic picture of our own journey into full union with the Lord? Egypt--Red Sea Crossing--Wilderness--Jordan Crossing--Taking the Land--Exile--Crossing the Euphrates--Rebuilding the Walls? Might be useful to you.

MysticBrit said...

I agree totally about the 'inner music', Dena. Maybe I'll start composing some 'outer music' which fits better what's 'inner', but 'til then I'll enjoy the wordless symphony taking shape...

Dena said...

Thanks for your insights, Frank! I'm pretty sure that the Tree of KoG&E has many applications. This is the one that is most resonating for me, for now.

As for the Exodus story, yes ... I liken it to my emergence from the institutional church ... and again from Christianity (same journey, only it dawned on me slowly what I was really enslaved by, and thus needing to leave).

But, for me, the point is not to be fully in union with God ... as I see I was never out of union. I don't see that separation is ontologically possible. I do see that our perspective can be confused, and we can THINK we're separated ... so I see the journey being more of the renewal of the mind ... having our lies replaced with God's truth ... moving from the egoic, into the Spiritual perspective. It may be semantics, but the distinction means the world to me.

Frank said...

Whether we call our current state a lack of revelation of our union already secured with Him...or a coming up into full union that is not yet, has no bearing for me. I'm interested in the means by which He's created for that revelation of or union with Him to occur.

Most believers only relate their journey to the Exodus (slavery in Egypt, Red Sea (spirit), Wilderness). But our inner journey of revelation is pictured all the way to the end of the Old Testament story of Israel. What does crossing the Jordan (soul) mean inside of us? What does it mean to ask for a king inside of us? What does idolatry and harlotry mean inside of us? What is our inner exile? How do we cross the Euphrates (body) within?

This is the journey within mapped out for us in the story of Israel. Understanding this story's meaning within us is a key revelatory framework I've found.