Monday, February 1, 2010

The Butterfly Circus

Watch this video first, and THEN read my post (spoiler alert!):

Oh dear God ... I'm sitting here with tears running down my face ... I sobbed.
I haven't been this touched by something in years ..

When Mendez said, "because you believe this [the lies] about yourself -- you
have an advantage ... the greater the challenge, the greater the victory"
[paraphrasing] ... I nearly doubled-over.

Yes ...! I was one who was discounted, cast aside, given up on ... seen as the
example of "how not to be." I believed that I was spiritually defective ...
that something was inherently wrong with me ... that I was hopeless, and too far

But God met me there, in the middle of my lies ... showed me instead His truth -
His perspective of me. And the truth about Himself. And the Light absorbed the
darkness ... the truth swallowed up the lies. And I've never been the same.

I *know* that transformation, utter transformation, is REAL. I've experienced
it. I know that each one is of supreme value, that NO one is "too far gone" ...
that ALL are perfectly loved, utterly accepted, completely priceless in value
... and that all suffering is caused by believing the lies ...

I will never stop speaking truth about who we really are ... how God really sees

When Mendez went up to Will, looked him in the eye, and said, "You are
MAGNIFICENT" I wanted to shout, "YES!!!" I will never stop believing that,
saying that, demonstrating that, with everything in me -- this is why I am

And I know what it feels like to be spat on in return. and I know that ALL
attacks are merely a misguided, desperate cry for LOVE. And I will continue to
have my own mind renewed, so that I CAN return love for every attack ... relying
on the Spirit to show me how love can be best demonstrated in that moment, to
that person.

I will fail, I will fall down, I will make a mess ... but I will learn, and I
will trust, and I will allow these mistakes to teach me how to die to my ego,
and to live to the Spirit ... and I will BE who I am meant to BE ... who I truly
AM ... rather than merely existing as who I thought I was, who I was taught I

I will live this transformation outloud, open to anyone who wants to observe ...
not because *I* am such a shining example, but because I am willing to let my
life be a living-demonstration of one who is moving from fear to love ... from
numbness to celebration ... I am willing to be misunderstood and despised ...
because I KNOW that there are those who are ready ... those to whom I can be
contagious ... those who I can inspire to meet God within them, so that He can
show them who they really are ... and then they too can become contagious for
others ...

For the Kingdom of God/Heaven is like a woman kneading yeast through the dough
... one heart at a time can awaken to the glory of who we are, from God's
perspective ...

May it go viral!

Shalom, Dena

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