Sunday, January 31, 2010

Who We Are ...!

What is true of a person with Christ Consciousness is also true of everybody else--except that everybody else doesn't realize who they are. We think we need to be saved. We don't. We are already sons and daughters of God in exactly the same sense that Jesus was--except that he knew who he was and we don't know ...who we are. When one realizes the Christ consciousness and "sees" one's union with God, then one sees this truth as clearly as one hears a ringing bell. It becomes obvious. One sees that one is freed from sin or "saved" (and has always been so). One sees one was never under sin's dominion in the first place. May we all come to that wondrous realization, for that is the truth about which the scripture is speaking in saying that the truth will forever set us free.

Taken from this article, which I'm reading, and recommed, even without yet finishing it...! :)

Shalom, Dena

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