Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Going to be out and about today, but I wanted to pass on this little gem -- it's an answer for someone else here today ... not just me!

If you want it [realization], it will come. There is
no qualification necessary, except wanting it.
That is the only qualification. If it is not wanted,
it will not come. It comes when it is wanted,
but wanted wholly, not a little.

- Swami Krishnananda

Shalom, Dena


Sue said...

I hope it's for me. I want it!! I'll take it.

Darcy said...

Ok, I had a whole blasting rant typed out about this particular statement....then I went back to read it again, and noticed you said this was talking about wanting REALIZATION.

I'm so glad I read it again and got to erase what I wrote. :)


Dena said...

Darcy - now I'm curious of course...! So what did you think it was about?!? What did you rant about?

Sue said...

Oh, I want to know too, Darcy! LOL :) Do tell!

Darcy said...

I'm good with realiztion...knowledge...that coming to you if you really really want it.

My issue is with a statement that says you can have anything if you really really really want it enough.

Not unlike the Christian Health and Wealth movement. "If you have enough faith, you, your child, your loved one - can be healed. If you don't have enough faith, God will not bless you."

Parents of a dying child want wholly to have their child healed but this does not always happen.

The people in Haiti want wholly to find their relatives alive but this will not happen for all of them. That child wandering around looking for parents may not find them.

My rant was at that notion that you can create a dream board and want your millions of dollars, new house, new car with all your heart, and the "universe" is going to deliver it to you.

That is what I was "ranting" about. It had nothing to do with what you actually wrote so I was so glad that I caught that!!!

Perhaps God was giving me a nudge to reread before I had egg on my face! :)

Dena said...

Oh yeah, imbalanced understanding.

When we take a bit of truth, and mix it with blame and shame, we've utterly tainted the meaning.

There's something to our expectations ... but NO place for blame. It's not about blame, but about coming to understand our responsibility for taking every thought captive ... for aligning our thoughts with God ... NOT trying to manipulate God with our measure of "faith"... gag.