Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Spiritual Conspiracy...!

This has landed in my lap ... again (and for all I can remember, I might've blogged it before, LOL!). EVERYthing feels fresh to me lately...! The author is apparently unknown (which seems uber-appropriate to me!).

Can't resist sharing it ... makes me smile and say "Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!" at the same time...! ;)

Enjoy it! Breathe it! Roll in it! Share it!

On the surface of the world right now there is
war and violence and things seem dark.
But calmly and quietly, at the same time,
something else is happening underground ...
An inner revolution is taking place
and certain individuals are being called to a higher light.
It is a silent revolution.
From the inside out. From the ground up.
This is a Global operation.
A Spiritual Conspiracy.
There are sleeper cells in every nation on the planet.
You wont see us on the T.V.
You wont read about us in the newspaper;
You wont hear about us on the radio;
We don't seek any glory;
We don't wear any uniform.
We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles.
Most of us work anonymously.
We are quietly working behind the scenes
in every country and culture of the world.
Cities big and small, mountains and valleys,
in farms and villages, tribes and remote islands.
You could pass by one of us on the street and not even notice.
We go undercover ~ we remain behind the scenes.
It is of no concern to us who takes the final credit,
But simply that the work gets done.
Occasionally we spot each other in the street;
We give a quiet nod and continue on our way.
During the day many of us pretend we have normal jobs.
But behind the false storefront at night
is where the real work takes place.
Some call us the Conscious Army ...
We are slowly creating a new world,
with the power of our minds and hearts.
We follow, with passion and joy.
Our orders come from from the Central Spiritual Intelligence.
We are dropping soft, secret love bombs when no one is looking

I just adore running into the rest of you secret conspirators of love! :)

Shalom, Dena


cwtpmom said...

I love your title, and it is so true. There are lots of spiritual conspiracies going on in the world, and they are heading in two opposite directions. So....which direction do you say this is going? Toward or away from God? Spend some time in this blog before you judge. It is my favorite. I don't actually rate blogs, but if I did yours would be there too. You know my position, that many can be leaning toward God, and find themselves on different paths.

See you there, eventually...

Dena said...

In my view, there's one direction, though we often move in circuitous patterns. There are things that speak to us, while en route. I don't judge that site ... I'm glad it speaks to you, and feeds you. It doesn't speak to me, though I'm sure I could find things there that ring true for me.

Oh yes, we'll see each other on the other side ... thinking we'll have a blast, comparing notes, seeing things in a whole new and fresh way. We'll likely both be surprised -- and overjoyed.

And my heart is grateful that you like my blog. We go back a long ways -- very few people in my life have been an upfront witness to my journey, as you have.

bea said...

cool dena.

thank you.


MysticBrit said...

What bea said.
Peace 'n' Love:)

claire said...

I love it.. I think I just want to qualify one statement.
"certain individuals are being called to a higher light"...
I think we are all being called to a higher light.. Just some of us can hear the calling and are listening for it.... others aren't.. But the calling is there.

MysticBrit said...

claire - I just want to say I agree completely. We all need to tune out the 'self-noise' which deafens us to this beautiful call.

cwtpmom said...

I hope you will always think of me as an "up front witness". Have I ever tried to lead you away from God??

We know each other too well Dena. I knew you would react to the word, "judge". Life is a huge panorama, and as we wander through the various hues and colors, we make choices that can either take us closer to or farther away from God. Just because we view it differently doesn't make one right and the other wrong. It's kinda like playing Snakes & Ladders. Or the difference between foreordination and predestination. - - a true paradigm shift that one is:)

I taught a lesson once that "taught me" that no matter where one is in life, no matter what road or circular path he is on, with a few correct choices, all paths can lead to God. There is absolutely no one excluded from faith, repentance, etc. Sooner or later those extremities in our life will mellow and we will see the truth and error of all spiritual conspiracies.

btw, the author, Wally Goddard, looks like a pretty interesting fellow. I might check out his blog some day. You should like it too, if you can get past all the "words" in his article. I can pick them all out you know :) :)

Sorry for teasing Dena, but I get a spiritual "rush" at the mention of things like "Oh yes, we'll see each other on the other side..."

Dena said...

I totally agree with you Claire, and thus Harry...!

We're all called to the Light ... most, it seems, at least for the moment, are more clingy to the darkness. Not the Christian "God or Satan" choice ... but the "following the Spirit, or clinging to the traditions of man" choice. Which, of course, was always what was meant as being "adversarial" to God. The ego!

Dena said...

Connie -

Yes, it's a joy to find, and focus on, those things we have in common. Quite different from our initial years of communicating, no? I no longer feel the desire, nor the need, to "get you to see the error of your ways", LOL! As I've come to see that SO much of what I thought I knew, was nothing more than the traditions of man.

AISI, the Truth is a Vast Ocean of All That IS. It encompasses everything that's Truth -- God's perspective, unhindered by the groping imaginings of man. Within that Vast Ocean, are specks ... each one a "system" of man's attempts to find, and comprehend, Truth. Each speck is a combination of Truth and non-truth ... or man's limitations. Man's interpretations. Each speck is world-view, or religion ... and each speck tends to see that "WE have the RIGHT perspective -- all others are less-than."

More accurately, each "system/religion" sees some truth ... and a whole lotta error. And, in claiming to already possess "all truth" they quite ironically keep themselves from receiving more truth, unless it comes in the pre-approved package ordained by that very system.

It all smacks far more of Phariseeism, than of the radical all-inclusive message of Jesus.

In fact, I'll next be blogging on the difference between the Purity System, and Jesus' radical message of Compassion ... at least for my own sake.

I can be as self-delusional as the next guy ...

(don't know when, or even if, I'll be able to get to your links, Connie ... there's a difference for me in being interested, and being led by the Spirit ... plus, you wouldn't believe what's competing for my attention right now ... beyond the kids, there are some deadlines pressing, Mark is having surgery next week, and we have 3 birthdays within the next 9 days...! Egads and Gadzooks!)