Monday, January 11, 2010

Two Years Ago, While On TV ...

Two years ago, Mark and I were invited to share a bit of our "marriage healing" story on TV, on the Mike and Juliet Show (which was canceled this past summer). I previously only got to view the first portion, and then that link disappeared along with the show's website.

A friend of my sister created this video, which he is about to put on Youtube (Yay! I can both help others and horrify my own children, all in one fell swoop!).

Sharing it with y'all, as some of you didn't know me then ...

The air-brushed make-up (fabulous stuff! erased the total lack of sleep that comes with trying to ignore the sounds of trash being picked up, ALL night, in Times Square!) is nearly miraculous ... however, not *quite* how I look in real life. Willem Dafoe, who was in a segment just before us, was sitting next to me, having his make-up applied ... surreal!

We had a BLAST doing this ... our 15 minutes of fame, LOL!

Here y'go: Watch the clip.

(go to the movie on the left side, entitled, "The Marriage Bed" - click on that one)

Shalom, Dena

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