Friday, January 1, 2010

"2012 - A Time of Extraordinary Change"

Y'know that burning feeling inside, that says, strongly, clearly, "you are meant to share this"...?

I get it every so often.

It's not the nice-but-less-intense, "gee, this would be a lovely thing to share" notion -- this is the "you won't be able to focus on anything else until you heed this prompting" sort of notion.

I've got it. Right now.

And it seems quite fitting to share it on the first day of a new year, at the dawning of a new decade.

But a wee bit of background first ...

I've long sensed that we are, humanly/globally-speaking, on the "verge" of something. Something BIG. Something perhaps of a necessarily-cataclysmic nature ... something inevitable. Something that may *appear* initially to be disastrous, and yet is required, in order to grow, in order to mature, in order to shift, for lack of a better verb (remember, until I share this thing, I'm unable to adequately focus, and so my vocabulary is temporarily stunted).

I've also noticed that we continue to face our collective challenges with the same energy that brought about the challenges in the first place ... sort of a propping up of something that should instead be taxidermied, and put into the History-of-Mankind's-Less-than-Brilliant-Ideas Museum. A place which should not only be built, but which should be on the required-field-trips list for all humanity. Y'know - the definition of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting different results. We kinda/sorta/definitely keep doing that. We should stop that. It ain't too smart.

It seems to me that our "solutions" are just postponing the inevitable. We, as a race of human beings, as inhabitants on this planet, are in sore need of a massive overhaul. And we've been way-busy contenting ourselves with merely rearranging the deck chairs of the Titanic ... and ignoring that it's going down.

Lest you think me a pessimist (I am a Recovering Pessimist), let me assure you that I am *quite* optimistic and hopeful about the future for all humanity...! Emphasis on ALL. Double emphasis on HOPE. It's just that I think there's a necessary-and-inevitable shake-up a-coming. And I think it's right around the corner ... been feeling this for a while now, down deep. Can't define it, can't articulate it ... but I feel the tremors. Not an "end of the earth" scenario ... but a definite rebooting. One of my favorite quotes is, "We turn to God when our foundations are shaking, only to discover that it's God who is shaking them."

And as always, when God is involved (like He's ever NOT!), it's all good, and it's all out of Love.

'Course, depending on our perspective, we may call it other things at the time ...

Ok, now my preamble is getting all rambly. I can feel folks glazing over. Time to get to what I want (no, need!) to share ... and if it hits you like it hits me, take it viral ... share it, either with links to here, or to the article, or copy it - whatever. As you're led. I'm only responsible to respond to my own promptings ...

My dear friend, Frank Spencer, is a brilliant guy ... a futurist. Not the kind that thinks Jesus is coming in the future (because he doesn't), but the kind who uses his brainpower to study both history, and current trends, and to project the most likely outcomes into the future. Businesses hire the guy to figure out how to prepare for the future*. They trust him. And he knows folks.

He alerted me to this article, which is the point of this blog, which I am about to share, and I am convinced that everyone I know, and everyone they know, needs to read it. This article says what I've been thinking, feeling, believing, pondering ... for quite a while now. Maybe some of you have been having the same thoughts...?

It's provocatively entitled: "2012 - A Time of Extraordinary Change" - written by John Peterson, who articulately and accurately predicted the recent and ongoing economic crisis ... with uncanny precision and detail.

I'm going to do my part in "viralizing" it ... read it for yourself, and feel free to comment. Put your mouse *on* that link in the previous paragraph, click on it, and read the article. It's important.

Shalom, Dena

*My brilliant friend Frank Spencer has teamed up with my other brilliant friend, Mike Morrell, to form KedgeForward -- designed to enable businesses and groups plan for, survive through, and even thrive in the coming societal transformations. It is happening, it is inevitable, and we can be prepared to help ourselves and others during this necessary challenge.


MysticBrit said...

Yes indeed, Dena. I've felt this ever since I saw the truth about 9/11, which was a Big Symptom of the underlying malaise.

The times they are a-changin', and we're privileged to be around to guide and influence the direction that change takes. I for one intend to play whatever part I see opening up.

We live in Interesting Times, as the Chinese proverb says. May we do Good.

Dena said...

Thanks for reading it, Harry ... I'm finding that the date 2012 is proving to be off-putting for some, LOL!

MysticBrit said...

I did wonder about that:) Uh oh, Dena's gone all '2012 Mayan Calendar' on us!:D

I found it a well-balanced, reasoned and reasonable interview, and whatever the truth of it all - and I wouldn't rule any of it out - there's every reason to be upbeat and positive, 'cos it's in our hands to do something about it, and something mind-blowingly wonderful at that.

We are endowed with all the divine attributes, and that especially includes that of creator. We are indeed expressions, agents of All That Is, and we just have to remember Who We Are, and get workin'! Yay Us!:D