Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Adventure on TV - Talking Sex...!

Nearly two years ago, we were invited to be on the Mike & Juliet Show, in NYC (Fox network). Seems the notion of Christians who like sex is quite the news.

Our friends, Paul & Lori Byerly, own The Marriage Bed website (& they then lived in our guesthouse). They got a call, asking if they wanted to fly to NYC to be on the show ... and did they know of any couples who'd been impacted by the website. Did they! Only, this couple had to be not-shy, and willing to talk -- did they know of anyone like that? Did they! ;) So, 24 hours after we heard about it, we were whised off to NYC, to take the show. Mark and I were in downtown Times Square, at Midnight, taping a pre-segment ... and then ushered to a *spendy* hotel for a few hours of sleep. Only ... in NYC, trash is picked up ALL night long ... we barely caught any shut-eye, between the sounds of broken glass crashing into dumpsters, metal clanging, and trucks beep*beep*beeping their way backwards ... and we had to be at the studio at zero-dark-thirty. To add to the adventure, I had my make-up applied next to Willem Dafoe. Quite the surreal experience!

Our interview is now a Youtube video ... here's an 8 minute segment of our interview ... fitting, as I delved into this in my recent talk.

It pretty much speaks for itself (& airbrushed make-up is FABulous -- even if it does make me look vaguely Asian).

Enjoy! :)

Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

Wotta lotta laffs! Dumb questions, excellent answers.

Why did we ever get to think that this was a 'dirty subject'? I know, the answer's a lot longer than the question, but it really comes down to ruling by fear, and an almost deliberate misunderstanding of Genesis. The putrid blossoming of the ego, which still spreads its noxious fumes over this beautiful world, but which is even now being blown away by sweet, fresh breezes.

Lesa McMahon said...

Loved it!!

Glad you let Mark talk... for a minute there I thought you were going to take over. ;)

Dena said...

Story of Mark's life, LOL!

He's the more reserved extrovert ... I'm the uninhibited introvert. Makes life interesting!

Bob said...

Uninhibited I can see. Introvert????
Fooled me!!!!

Dena said...

LOL, introverted doesn't mean shy. It means that I process internally, and that I need to recharge in solitude. But, I'm not an extreme introvert ... and I can play a mean extrovert without much effort. I just reach a cranky-stage of no return, when I MUST. GET. ALONE.

In my house, that's most often achieved in the bathroom...! :)