Sunday, June 28, 2009

God Comes to Me Disguised as My Life...!

Someone asked, rhetorically, if all this online-connecting wasn't just a poor substitution for face-to-face connectivity. Good question! One I've certainly asked, myself. My perspective, which follows, is based on how I see things these days ... in becoming more of an inclusionist, I tend to see things through a lens of both/and, rather than either/or.

I'm always looking beyond the surface of a thing, wanting to peer into the heart of a thing, to understand on that level that goes beyond mind (as well as to glimpse the "big-picture"). This insatiable curiosity has both landed me in trouble with others, AND served as a catalyst for my relentless seeking, knocking, asking ...

So many things we better comprehend in hindsight, it seems ... though I think perhaps we can learn, here and now, in the present at-hand moment, to see things (events and other humans - even ourselves) through the eyes of God (which is our deepest/truest perspective)... it is, I believe, what the "dying to self" process is all about ... allowing my own "so sure" ego-perspective to be replaced with His higher/deeper perspective ... to have my mind renewed (lies replaced with truth), that really does set me free.

Given that, I want, and intend, to accept whatever life is presenting to me ... God comes to me disguised as my life ... God is "what IS", and I want to find the gift, the blessing-in-disguise, in whatever is currently-presenting (whatever form in which He is Present). If God/Life is presenting me with online conversation and fellowship - beautiful! If God/Life is presenting me with face-to-face conversation and fellowship - beautiful! The beauty of one isn't diminished or overshadowed by the beauty of the other ... and in fact, since we connect MORE at a spirit-level than at a body-level, I see them as extensions of One and the same. I want both. I want it ALL...!

I receive it all with joy. And I notice that I get precisely what I need ... no more and no less...!

I desire and intend to see each person, each situation, as gifts that I joyfully receive, to see the good in each one, to embrace the experience each one brings -- this goes for anyone with whom my path crosses. I'm in the process of learning here, so I can't say that I've yet achieved this as I'd like... as I'm drawn. However, I see the point to be more about the learning, than the achieving/arriving -- this, too, is a gift.

Thank you, each of you who is reading this, for being the gift that you ARE.

Shalom, Dena

Recommended Books on this Topic:
"Loving What Is" ~ Byron Katie
"The Four Agreements" ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

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