Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"What About Jesus?"

I've begun to suspect that, like so many things I've been taught by other humans, that my understanding of Jesus is inadequate. Despite having been in and around Christianity for the past 34+ years ... despite having had a husband attend seminary, and be ordained ... despite having taught the orthodox doctrines ... despite having read & studied the Bible all this time ... despite having heard umpteen sermons.

Or, perhaps because of all of that...?

Having lived through the unsettling and defragmenting experience of my many sacred cows being tipped over into oblivion (like so many dominos, LOL!), I've come to *expect* that this is a way of life ... that this will continue ... that this is the very process of mind renewal, of dying-to-self, of being led into all truth.

I suppose it's a sign of growth that I'm less annoyed, and more excited, about this being an ongoing process...! Bring it on, God!

Anyway, back to Jesus.

And, that's the point, isn't it? Having been introduced to the notion that it's all about Jesus, I want to keep going back to Him -- to keep understanding all these paradigm-shifts through His eyes. And YET - I am now fully cognizant that I have misunderstood WAY too many things ... I can no longer afford the luxury of assuming that I've got Jesus "down."

So far, every single blessed time, I am blown aWAY with how much *better* the new (to me) understanding is, than the old (traditional) understanding was. Seriously, folks, this just keeps getting gooder and gooder! It's almost too good to take! No wonder people have tried to put a lid on this stuff all these centuries -- God is almost too good to be moral or legal! I mean, I keep thinking I need to repent for feeling this good about God!

So, given that, I'm open to the concept of God showing me the truth about Jesus. Whatever it may ultimately be. I want truth more than I want to be right ... more than I want to cling to what I think I already know (comfy though it be).

And, I keep running into folks who are very protective of their view of Jesus ... wanting to retain Jesus-quo, as it were. Sorta-kinda, "I've got Jesus in my little box, and I want to keep Him there." I don't mean to be unkind, or disrespectful -- and I truly, truly understand that desire ... though, I see that fear is behind it ... I mean, if we let Him out of the box, no *telling* what He will do (He's quite the unpredictable One, y'know!).

So, the other day, a friend of mine writes to me, sharing some concern, perhaps even alarm, with what he perceives I'm saying, where he sees I'm going, in my spiritual journey.

And, he asks: "Where is Jesus? 'I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.'"

And, I answer:

I hear your concern -- and I certainly prefer a more Christ-centered framework. I love how Tim King puts it -- Presence is a think-tank arena for those who want to keep Christ, but ditch the religion (& that includes Christianity).

I've come to believe that we botch the message, for ourselves and for others, when we confuse (or combine) Christianity with Christ. I don't believe He set up Christianity (though of course He uses it for our good, as He uses all things).

I see that God is all in all, that all is fulfilled ... and that Jesus was indeed the way to bring this fulfillment about. All around the world, people are experiencing the benefits of this fulfillment, in this covenant (in which ALL are in Christ, and ALL are alive) -- even if they don't yet know it!

As I see it, we're all in various forms of delusion (believing lies, on various levels, we are in need of continuous mind-renewal, as a way of life, perhaps as a way of eternity - I don't know). So, a person who does not yet know Christ, and yet is experiencing the Abundant Life He made possible, in one way or another, will one day (as they can bear it) enter in to that level of all truth. And a person who knows the name of Christ, and believes that, as a Christian, they already possess (& must therefore defend) "all truth", is in another form of delusion ... and they will one day awaken to the part of the all truth that they are now missing.

I wonder -- which one is closer to the truth of Christ? The one who sees that all are one (& is thus loving toward all) but has yet to connect the dots that Christ enabled him to do so ... OR, the one who, claiming to be a Christian, believes that they are "in" while most others are "out," and thus treats others as less-than...?

I cannot blame those who have discovered the truths of Christ, and yet are reluctant to claim Him ... due to how Christianity has portrayed Christ these past two millennia. Neither do I believe that Christ Himself is alarmed about it ... I believe He knows, and is fully confident, of His ability to show us Himself, whenever and however He knows we can best bear it. I'm seeing Him as more than confident.

IOW, I don't think He's as offended that He's not getting full credit, as Christians are, on His behalf -- I see that they've taken up an imagined offense. And further, I believe that the very offense that Christians show, is causing much damage, to themselves and to others.

To me, this is all part of the paradigm-shift ... a new way of looking at the too-familiar story ... a way of seeing past the traditions of man that keep nullifying the word of God, but the Word of God is able to meet us where we are, and to draw us to Himself, He who is All Truth.

It's happening ... shift happens. But ALL of us need a *new* way of perceiving Christ Himself ... both views, the Christian view, and the non-Christian view, need major overhauling.

May we fully cooperate with the Spirit as He continues to draw us into All Truth...!

So, God ... I would really like to know and experience the real and full truth of Christ. Show me what's of man, and what's of God -- thank You!

Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

Shift happens. That just about sums it up, Dena. I love it when those ol' paradigms start a-shiftin'. I wanna dance along with 'em, doin' the ol' Paradigm Shuffle. Groovin':D

brian said...

It's good to hear that Jesus (Yeshua) is being released from all those tiny little boxes by so many of His followers.

dena said...

I'm feeling a quote from Alladin coming on:

"PHENOMINAL COSMIC POWERS!!!! Eeeetibitty living space!"

Yeah, God wants out.

(He always has been, in reality ... now He wants out in our awareness!)

Shalom, Dena