Friday, January 25, 2013

Normal Is Just a Setting on the Dryer ~ It Was Never Meant to Pertain to Humans

January 24, 2013
Being YouLibra Daily HoroscopeYou may feel particularly enchanting today as you move between the various spheres of your existence. Because you may be charming all those you come into contact with, you may find yourself wondering what you are doing differently. However, it is likely that the intense appeal you have developed as of late is related to a newfound determination to be yourself while interacting with others. While you may not be able to impress all of the people you meet today, you can make a good impression on those individuals whose values are similar to your own by staying true to what you believe in no matter what. 

We enchant others when we allow them to see the beauty and the grace that exists within us. Accomplishing this is a matter of first being ourselves no matter what the consequences, and then giving the people around us the gift of our authenticity. While it is easy to get caught up in the whims of the crowd, it is in our best interests to follow the guidance of our own hearts and souls because our dedication to our convictions shows others that we are sincere in our intention to live in accordance with our deepest values. This strength and surety will attract the attention of those individuals whose beliefs and opinions are similar to our own. By simply being ourselves, we can make friends and broaden our support networks immeasurably. The qualities you project today will appeal to others, provided you make a concerted effort to live your life by your own rules. are present to each other. 

It hasn't felt easy, being me, lately.

(Lately = this week, this season, this year, the past few years, the past half-century, this eon.)

I sure haven't felt "enchanting".... or "charming" ... or even "ok".

I don't fit in.  I don't belong.  I don't have the manual about "how to be normal."  I don't know how to play the games.  I don't know how to "tone down" ... "sit still" ... "be quiet" ... or "blend in."

I don't even *want* to be normal ... I don't think I'm meant to.  I don't think I can.

It doesn't mean something is wrong with me ... it means I'm committed to BEing me.  I just can't slap me in the face, and try to be something else.

And yeah ... I would rather be despised for who I am, than loved for who I am not.  That price, the price of betraying me, is just too inordinately high to pay.

So, to the other 7 billion people on the planet:  This is me.  I can't be you.  I can't pretend to be you, even if I have to, in order to be liked by you, approved-of by you, accepted by you, or included by you.

I am intense.
I feel muchly.
I think ponderously and oftenly.
I love lavishly.
I experience widely and deeply.
I ask honestly.
I live openly.
I express freely.

I know ... I can be "too much."  I do it *for* me ... more than *to* you.  It's not my intention to cause discomfort, harm, or pain, to anyone.  But neither do I shrink back from those, as consequences to my commitment to be me, and to meet you, where/as you are.

The timing of the message, above, was much-needed ... I woke up, asking for "signs" (not just one, but many, for I am greedy) that Who I Am is ok.  The first email I opened, was that one (it came in yesterday, when I was reeling a bit, but I read it today).

And ... the first chat-message I received today, was from a dear man, who said this to me (& yes, I let him know the universe had "used" him to be one of my signs):

Hey, I want you to know I admire you for putting everything that's in you out there!All the sorrow, doubt, etc.
All the 'negative' stuff.

Thank you.  (((Thank you)))

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Harry said...

You are Life, turning up as Dena for a while. Last I checked, Life has never had to apologise to itself for being itself:)