Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Personal-Utopian Shift: Truth ... or Myth...?

Sooooooooo ... I saw this image on Facebook, and at first glance, and even at first perusal, I thought, "what a lovely message!"

And then, it sank in deeper ... and I wondered, "really? I'm obligated, and guaranteed, to move from that-which-is-perceived-as-negative into that-which-is-perceived-as-positive ...?"

So I ask, is that true? Can I know for certain that that's true? Or is it that we breathe from contraction-to-expansion-to-contraction-to-expansion, from dark-to-light-to-dark-to-light, etc ... in the same way I notice that the universe itself can ONLY exist by continually expanding and contracting ..?

Could we have bought into a myth here, that causes us to self-condemn when seemingly "stuck" in a negative place, even imagining that we've gone backwards, or regressed ... when we are merely in the midst of a natural/normal stage of contracting ...?

In the realm of sacred geometry, there is an incredibly powerful and illuminating and even *comforting* concept known as The Golden Ratio (or Mean). The concept goes like this: we are prone to "going to extremes" as humans, in the pursuit of experience, of discovering boundaries, of exploring who we are, and how we operate.

Imagine, with me, a road, with ditches on both sides. So here I am, a human, starting off in life, and I go WAAAAAAY over to the far right (ha! which is just what happened!), and go INTO the ditch. Ker-plunk and kaput upon my keister! I get out of said ditch, and get back on the road ... and find that I am now heading WAAAAAAY over to the far left side, and get to the very edge of the ditch ... and navigate the edge for a while, like a gymnast upon a balance beam ... but manage to not go *quite* into the ditch. Whew! (Now, bear in mind that onlookers will be saying things like, "sheeeeesh, Dena tends to go way OUT there, huh? I mean, she's falling off of cliffs, and going to such extremes! How long will she swing to such extremes?!? What is wrong with her?!? I can't watch!!" ).

I then head back over to the right side again ... only, I go even less-far than I did before, and even less-far than I did on the left side ... and I repeat this pattern, with each and every foray toward the ditch becoming less and less of a swerve. I am still going from one "extreme/side to the other", but each curve is incrementally less-pronounced, less-extreme. Eventually, I become more mid-lined ... never quite perfectly balanced (for there is no such thing, truly), but closer and closer to the center, MY center.

This phenomenon is built into the Universe, to life itself ... it is HOW life continues ... and the comfort is, when you see me, or your child, or your own life, careening from one extreme to the other ... KNOW that the Universe is pre-wired to self-correct ... that you canNOT go off the deep end ... that there is NO way to muck-up (though it can appear that way, to the onlookers, who can only see a small snippet of the totality of your wobbling/swerving journey!) ... that you will align, more and more, toward YOUR particular center ... and know, too ... that the very experience of swinging from one extreme to another is THE means by which we do so.

So, relax. Trust. Enjoy the ride.

Annnnd ... if your swings are less intense than mine -- enjoy watching me as I keep bungee-jumping off the various ditch-cliffs ... vicarious thrills, presented in a riveting comedy/drama, for your entertainment value! ;)

(You're welcome!)

P.S. For the record, if finding my personal center means that I gravitate more toward the love/happiness/peace that this image speaks of - OH yeah! However, I am also fine with finding peace & joy IN the midst of accepting ALL emotions that come my way. Also, let it be known that David Deida is one of my favorite authors ... his books on spirituality/sexuality are among the best out there!


Adrienne Scott said...

Shalom Dena!
Have you read Stuart Berlin? He describes himself as a Tantric Kabbalist - currently listening to his cd's Every woman a Goddess, every man a hero in her service.
Love Adrienne

Harry said...

What a flow of processing is going on with you, Dena. You are high density life. Flow till you hit the ocean, and your questions dissolve in Knowing. Much love, my friend:)