Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pondering Truth...

When we recognize that we, in finite form, cannot possibly contain *all truth*, then we can continue in the journey of receiving all truth ... as He promised that His Spirit would lead us into all truth.

However, all truth cannot be confused with, or limited by "all doctrine" ... one proceeds from God, and the latter proceeds from the limited mind of man. And if we imagine we already possess all truth, we're not open to the "more truth" that He's continually revealing to us ... He has much more to show us -- but, like the disciples, we often cannot bear it.

Sometimes we have to let go of previous notions about God, in order to comprehend what God is showing us about Himself ... this can be alarming, and threatening, and many will dissuade us from this journey.

Like many folks, I'm exploring what it means: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

What part of "all things" would be excluded from that? What exists that He did not create? What things are not held together by Him? What's not *of* Him...? What other Source of life is there? What other Essence of life is there? Science tells us that all we see and perceive through our senses is illusory ... that matter is merely energy manifesting in various vibrational frequencies ... that what appears to be solid is actually moving energy ... that everything is constructed out of energy ... that each atom has more space within it, and around it than what it's made of ... that matter is held together with Energy ... Life ... God.

He is in all things ... all things are of Him. Everything is an expression of Him.

How He is magnified..!

The universe declares the glory of God...!

(just my own thoughts de jour ... y'all are perfectly free to dismiss some, or all, of it...)

Shalom, Dena

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