Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The "Christian Life" vs. The Abundant Life

I no longer believe that Christianity was Jesus' idea. I believe that it's a wholly man made enterprise, a human-endeavor, that has done MUCH damage to mankind (and all in the "name of God"). The very nature of exclusivity, that's inherent within Christianity, perpetuates the lie that there is separation between man and God, that there is a sense of "us vs. them" between human beings. This exclusivity (which is based on self-righteous pride), maligns the nature of God, and denies the reality of the all-inclusive Atonement, which reconciled ALL humans to Father (& I notice that the Lamb was slain, and we were chosen, from the foundations of the world ...).

Religion, including Christianity, is not the answer. Religion divides, brings war, reinforces a battle-mindset.

The battle (if there ever was one in God's perspective) is over. We are One, just as Jesus prayed. The only problem is: most folks (including Christians) don't know it. They do not know the power of the Atonement, the power of Love, which is the very essence of God. Most folks need not to be saved, but to awaken to the reality that they are now *reconciled* with God! We perpetuate the problem by propagandizing the Christian message.

Jesus didn't tell us to start a new religion -- HE calls us out of ALL religions, including the one we invented called "Christianity." He came to lead us into the Kingdom, and to experience the Abundant Life. We, instead, have counterfeited that with the so-called "Christian life."

Jesus never mentions the Christian life ... and He still offers the Abundant Life.

I've come to believe that we have to choose between the two ... I've chosen. I no longer am aligned with Christianity, but I'm aligned more than ever to Christ.

I still pray for this nation (for all people), but I pray that they would awaken to God (what He's done, who they really are, in Him), and not to "become Christians."

When we follow Christ, we have to follow where, and as, He leads ... in my case, it was to follow Him out of religion, all religion, including Christianity.

I pray that my heart will be heard in these words ...

Shalom, Dena


Stephanie said...

Thank You!

Dena said...

'Tis my joy, Stephanie!

You're most welcome -- you who've given so much of yourself to others -- I'm blessed to give to you as well!

Shalom, Dena