Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random "What-iffings"

What if guilt and fear are the only enemies of man...?

What if observation (which is witnessing) doesn't need to lead to judgment (which is forming a conclusion) ...?

What if God has no needs (and what can Omniscient, Omnipresent Omnipotence need)...?

What if forgiveness heals any harm, experienced or imagined...?

What if we can forgive our way to health, to happiness...?

What if no one is condemned who seeks God ... and what if everyone ultimately seeks God, whether they are aware of it or not...?

What if "opposites" (like hot and cold), are not really opposite at all, but are the very same thing, on a continuation of a spectrum ...? (and what if this is true of spiritual "opposites" as well?)

What if we can change our experience of a thing, simply by changing our perspective of a thing (try it out ... what if a "snake" turns out to be a rope -- how would your altered perspective affect your experience)...?

What if we can change the conditions of our life merely by changing what we call them? What if blessing them changes them? What if we do ourselves a disservice by judging according to appearances...?

What if we cannot conceive of ourselves as a part of God, until we first experience ourselves as apart from God...?

What if the notion of superiority (having the right gender, or race, or income, or nationality, or religion, or education, or talent) has done more to divide humans beings on the path to God, than to unite them...?

What if we could change the world by choosing to see the beauty and wonder of every life we touch ...?

What if we could say (and believe), "there is something I do not now know, the knowing of which could change everything" ...?

What if not-knowing leads to knowing, while knowing-it-all leads to not knowing anything...?

What if most of us have been fooled by our own illusions...?

What if we don't so much learn new things, as that we remember old things...?

What if there are no victims...? What if we are the recipients of many moments of grace, disguised as challenges, but each containing a precious gift ...?

What if freedom from pain is not a need, but merely a preference...?

What if happiness is not an experience, but a decision...?

What if love is not a reaction, but a decision ...?

What if both love and happiness are our nature, hidden beneath our illusions..?

What if, in doing for others, we really *are* doing it for God, and doing it for ourselves ...?

What if we knew we were not our bodies..? What if we saw them as gifts, and took good care of them...?

What if we can know what our bodies need, simply by listening to them...?

What if we do not require a lack of disruption in our lives, in order to have peace..?

What if all of life is a gift, and all of life is perfection...?

What if anger is fear, announced ...?

What if all attack is a cry for help..?

What if everyone is doing the best they can, given what they believe...?

What if God does not so much come to us, but through us ...?

Shalom, Dena

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