Friday, May 22, 2009

REAL Danger...! TRUE Warning..!

It's my turn to send out an alarming email...!

This trumps anything else that's on my mind.

Read this, and watch the videos linked on the top right:

I'm horrified -- cannot believe what I've just seen and heard ... I'm sitting here, shaking as I type.

In the Congo, children, some who are only toddlers, are being accused by their parents, and by their pastors, of being witches ... they are brought to the pastors for horrific "exorcisms" ... for which the pastors are paid half a year's wages. The exorcisms are nothing short of spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical & sexual ABUSE...! These children are tortured, in the "name of Jesus," with the pastors claiming that they're doing so by the power of the Holy Spirit. The parents believe that their children are witches, because the pastors have told them so, and they have been taught to believe whatever the pastors say, without question...!

Once the "exorcisms" are over, the children are rejected by their families, and the entire community - turned out into the streets, where they suffer unbelievably ... most of the girls forced to turn to prostitution, in order to survive.

Please do not ignore this ... please pray, make a noise, pass this on, do what you're led to do. Some of you have large circles of influence -- use them.

Here are some more news-sites exposing this atrocity:

Shalom, Dena


cheryl marie said...

Hi Dena,
I saw your message here and on the lifestream list. I have a friend who is from the Congo and I have been helping her in any way I can to set up an orphanage back in the Congo. So, though I have never been there (yet), it is a place that is often on my heart. I ws horrified by this video, but yet totally shocked. It does seem that the role of witchdoctor/shaman has been mixed with "christian tradition". A toxic mix. It's my prayer too that Africa will open to Love, the real person of Jesus.

cheryl marie said...

*not totally shocked*
sorry I should have proofread my message

Dena said...

Thanks for chiming in on this, Cheryl Marie ... two friends of mine, one who lives in Africa, and one who has adopted 7 children from Liberia, say that this is sadly all too common ... preying on the fears of people. And yet, we know perfect love casts out all fear ... including the fear of God (which is merely the beginning of wisdom). Yes, this particular combination is wretchedly toxic. I'm grateful that more are becoming aware of what's going on.