Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Heaven - I'm in Heaven...!"

The end of the world is not its destruction, but its translation into Heaven.

That dovetails with what Jesus taught -- "The Kingdom of God/Heaven does not come by observation, but is in your midst [within you]."

What if Heaven is where we're from ... and where we are drawn to return ... not by dying, but by awakening to it...?

What if it IS at hand ...? What if Jesus was right...?

Certainly we've all experienced or glimpsed those moments of Heaven ... moments that felt "at home" ... moments when all was right ... with a deep-seated feeling of inner peace, hallmarked by a total relinquishment of judgment toward others ... and a ceasing of a need to be other than what we are.

It seems to me that the doorway into heaven is forgiveness ... of ourselves, of others.

For me, hell is no longer a place for people to endure endless torment, after we die ... but a life lived in an unawakened state ... a state of being unaware of our connection to God. It's an illusion, this sense of separation, albeit a very powerful one.

I can either face my illusions (lies) head-on, and watch them dissolve in the healing Light of Truth, or I can ignore them, and therefore ensure their perpetuation.

I believe that I'm here to dig deep, to look deep within, to allow my own painful perceptions to be transformed into loving knowledge. To let the Spirit transform the fear I think I see, into the Love that really is there.

Thus, Heaven encroaches, transformation by transformation ...!

What could be more important..?

Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

"...and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak...!"

Jesus was right about Heaven?! Shock Horror!

Bring it on!:D

Heaven is our home, our native land. That's all of us.

Dena said...

You're that rare combination of a soul, Harry, who can both crack me up, AND quicken my spirit!

I'm blessed to know you!

MysticBrit said...

Delighted to be of service, Dena:)

I'm becoming quite convinced that - despite all terrible appearances - at the Very Heart of Things is one immense, rib-cracking eternal belly laugh, and if we could just open our eyes and hearts long enough it would be a reality for us.

We are the most divinely comical beings, forever complicating things, whereas the more I experience this amazing universe the more I'm utterly convinced that everything is infinitely simpler than our simplest ideas.

Laughter is God Breathing, and that Breath is Life...

And I like knowing you too, with all your determined wrestling with Truth. You will prevail, and have great fun doing it!

And Happy Thanksgiving!