Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving ...

Recognizing that not everyone who reads here is in the US, and therefore does not celebrate our national holiday of Thanksgiving, I thought I'd instead dub it: Day of Awareness of Gratitude-Fodder.

Which has nothing to do with turkeys, nor overeating.

Some things for which I am grateful (randomly and off the top of my head):

~ The Internet -- better to schmooze you with, my dears...!

~ My children ... all eight of 'em (plus the 3 obedient ones), in all their varied and wild flavors...!

~ Parents who are proud of me ... and tell me so.

~ A husband who adores me ... and tells/shows me so...!

~ Sisters who have survived my childhood torturing of them, and seem to actually enjoy me now...! Miracle!

~ Dear friends ... though few in number, intense in affection!

~ Rediscovery of my creativity ... which I'm enjoying!

~ Beauty in the world, all around me ... just waiting to be noticed!

~ Freedom of movement ... what an amazing body!

~ Skin ... I like that it's waterproof. And stretchy. And (somewhat!) bounce-back-able!

~ Taste-buds ... so much to enjoy.

~ Rain-boots ... much like skin, only less stretchy -- more form-retaining. Been wearing mine a lot lately. They have leopard-spots.

~ Stairs ... makes it easier than jumping way-high ... or climbing ladders. Marvelous invention, stairs.

~ Smells ... most of them wonderful ... the most recent dirty diaper (still lingering in the air) exempted. Though it's good that my boy's elimination system is working so very efficiently. I know, by faith, and by experience, that he will, one day, prior to getting married, choose instead to use the "potty."

~ Hair ... despite alarming shedding, I still have some. A lot, actually, including in new and surprising places. Aging ain't for sissies.

~ Reading glasses, which I've only this week begun to use ... I both loathe and love them. I'm having a bit of angst over them, and yet am choosing to be grateful. Now I must find some smashingly fashionable and/or outrageous pairs. Strewn throughout the house. So as to find them.

~ Dollar stores -- wherein to purchase such items as a slew of reading glasses...!

~ Fog. Even though it made it challenging to navigate my way home tonight ... on a narrow, 2-lane road ... which I could only see for about 10 feet in front of me ... it's a beautiful and ethereal thing. And a rich resource for metaphors of this life!

~ Old friends and new ... and for the ability to connect with them ... and that they WANT to connect with me ...! :)

~ Rotation. As in, it's NOT my turn to host Thanksgiving at my house this year ... and so I'm grateful that I do not have to vacuum, nor cook a turkey, as I have for the past four years. For lots of people. I must vacuum one of these days soon, though ... been ignoring it whilst preparing for this latest show ... the dust bunnies are not only multiplying, but they appear to be quite feral, and seem to be organizing, as if to take over the house...! Grateful that they do not yet possess a high level of consciousness ... and I could say so much more, but I shan't!

Blessings and Awarenesses of Gratitude Fodder to ALL of you..!

Shalom, Dena


Darcy said...

I do like you! I have to say, I really like the woman that you have become. You have a sincerity and a joy that was absent for far too long.

I love that your creativity has not only blossomed but exploded once again.

I love how smart you are. If I ever need a debate partner YOU are the ONE!

I love how funny you are and how you are not afraid to just "go there."

I love how your children have turned out. They really are great - even if they never age past 5 or 6. :)

I love you, Dena. Today, you are one of the things that I am thankful for.

Dena said...

Awwww, you went and made my contact lens get all fogged up...!

(and NO wonder my kids never leave home!)

See you soonish!