Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to "Better Others" ...!

Every so often, I run across a quote that says not only what I most need to hear, but what I then most desire to share ...

This is one of those:

"Do you sincerely wish to help others to better themselves? Avoid
criticizing them or moralizing, and start by bettering yourself.
Merely by your example you can show them they are making a
mistake or behaving badly. Yes, by your example. Because, when
you work on yourself, you are working on others: they notice
qualities in you that are lacking in them, and that makes them
progress, as they understand the advantages for them in doing as
you do. Those who concern themselves with the weaknesses and
vices of others become dull and disagreeable, as if the faults
they talk about finally rub off on them; it's awful, you feel
sorry for them.

So start by making changes for the better in yourself, and let
other people be. Accept them as they are, be patient, work
relentlessly, day and night, to show them just what can be
achieved through sincere endeavour. If they don't yet know, they
won't learn it from your words, but they will from your example."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Breathing this one in deeeeeeeeply ... SO simple, SO liberating ... releasing my obscene, absurd notion that I was put here to *fix* anyone ... I am here to learn who I am, which can then be contagious for others to learn who they are ...!

Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

Excellent. Be who I am, and so encourage others to do the same. It gives them the freedom, and takes away the illusory fear, when they see someone else 'being', and what benefits it's bringing them, and how attractive it is.

It's the way to go:)

Dena said...

Not to mention a WHOLE lot less exhausting than trying to make everyone else change to suit me...!


MysticBrit said...

I must say, on my part, that I find a less than advantageous success rate with that approach.

Verily, it sucketh:)

Wots BTDT? Do I smoke it or put it on me plants? I thought I was fluent in Advanced Netology...

Dena said...


BTDT = "Been There, Done That."

Your customized Phrase-O-the-Day!

MysticBrit said...

That's my net cred down the tubes. This blog is such an edumacation;)

marianne said...

Hope you don't mind, but I "borrowed" your quote for my own blog;-) This time of year, with all the added stress, it is very timely! So, thanks...also don't you think it's a bit scary that you and I are sooooo on the same wave length so much of the time!?! lol

Dena said...

I don't mind a bit, Marianne ... 'specially since I "borrowed" it from elsewhere..!

Yeah, the overlap with us is uncanny, but such a wonderful confirmation.

Funny ... it's been a while since I felt I needed a "sign" of God's leading ... but they're coming in spades!