Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who Are We?

[This week's blog-posts are likely to be hit or miss ... unless I manage to find some undiscovered time ... I'm overcoming a virus, I'm gearing up for a big 3-day art/craft show this coming weekend, and then there's that obligatory thing we call Thanksgiving looming large this week ... ]

Some random thoughts about who we are ...

~ What if we're not so much afraid of the darkness within us as we're afraid of the Light within us? Maybe because the darkness is familiar, and therefore comfortable.

~ What if the ego is threatened by the Light, the concept that we might be "good enough" already, without endless striving ... what if it's so threatened that it's telling you right now that what I'm saying is "dangerously wrong"?

~ What if the mean-spiritedness we see in others (or feel in ourselves) is just a defense against the light? What if we could see others, and ourselves, as having bright souls, temporarily overclouded with confusion-laden and fear-based personalities...?

~ What if God loves us absolutely, and the universe supports us unendingly, but that our own self-hatred keeps us from receiving, thinking we're not "deserving"...? What if we need to agree with God, in order to experience God, and God's supply..?

~ What if it's not humility, but utter arrogance, to declare that what God made in His own image and likeness, what God begat (for like begats like) is "depraved" or "wretched" or "separate"..?

~ What would it look like if we could each finally know and accept that Love is an infinite and impersonal reSource -- that there's enough of everything for everyone, and that we get to keep only what we give to others ...? Would we then cease from putting others down and judging them ...? Would we start blessing others instead?

From Marianne Williamson's book, "A Return to Love":
A person who succeeds in any area is only creating more of a possibility for others to do the same. Holding on to the thought of finite resources is a way of holding on to hell.

Ohhhhh, may we see clearly our choices, at the moment in which we are offered the opportunities to make them...!

Shalom, Dena

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