Friday, April 16, 2010

On Love ...

Time, both a precious commodity, and an illusion, is getting away from me lately ... and so I'm resorting to sharing the words of another ... in this case, the words of Osho. Words which truly *must* be shared. Words I am internalizing, and words I invite you to taste for yourself ...

The Alchemy of Love

Love is divine. If anything is divine on the earth, it is love - and love also makes everything else divine. Love is the true alchemy of life, because it transforms base metal into gold.

There are ancient stories, many stories in almost all the languages of the world, that somebody kisses a frog and the frog becomes a prince. The frog had been cursed; he was simply waiting for some kiss to be showered on him. He was waiting for love to come and transform him.

Love transforms - that is the message of all those stories. The stories are beautiful, very indicative, symbolic. It is only love that transforms the animal into human; otherwise there is no difference between humans and other animals. The only difference, the possible difference, is love. And the more you live through love, as love, the more humanity is born in you. The ultimate, the omega point, is when one has become love. Then not only is the animal transcended, even the human is transcended. Then one is divine, one is God. The whole of human growth is love's growth. Without love we are animals. With love we are humans. And when love has become your natural being, your very flavor, you are God.


Love is wild, and the moment one tries to domesticate it, it is destroyed.

Love is a whirlwind of freedom, of wildness, of spontaneity.

You cannot manage love and control it. Controlled, it is dead. Love can be controlled only when you have already killed it. If it is alive, it controls you, not otherwise. If it is alive, it possesses you. You are simply lost in it, because it is bigger than you, vaster than you, more primal than you, more foundational than you.

In the same way God also comes. The same way love comes to you, God comes. God is also wild, wilder than love. A civilized God is no God at all. The God of the church, the God of the temple is just an idol. God has disappeared from those places long ago, because God cannot be imprisoned. Those places are graveyards of God.
If you want to find God, you will have to be available to the wild energy of life. Love is the first glimpse, the beginning of the journey. God is the climax, the culmination, but God comes as a whirlwind. It will uproot you, it will possess you. It will crush you to pieces. It will kill you and resurrect you. It will be both - the cross and the resurrection.

Breathing that in ...

Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

Often the heart-crafted words of another give form to the maelstrom inside, and beauty is seen in the apparent turmoil.

Love kills what was unreal, imagined, anyway, only to resurrect it in a glorious, totally real form.

I can see I'm going to have to investigate this Osho fella. Sounds suspiciously like another kindred spirit:)

Cheryl Ensom said...


Anonymous said...

"Love is wild, and the moment one tries to domesticate it, it is destroyed.

Love is a whirlwind of freedom, of wildness, of spontaneity.

You cannot manage love and control it. Controlled, it is dead."

Love never has been and never will the the product of willpower.
I've heard a lot lately about love as a "choice".
This cannot be.
Love is a coming-to.
It is our very Nature and the very air that we breath.
Is air a choice?
Breathing might be, but air is not.
In the same way, Love surrounds and fills us and our initiative is simply to realize this, our Ultimate Reality, and suck it in with deep gulps, thirsty for a taste!
What is Love?
Look! There it is! And there! And there!
It's You.
It's Me.
And it's all around Us. :)

MysticBrit said...

Love never fails, Tim. But it's godda be love, or it will fail.

Love is Truth is Love.

Love Is.

Andy said...

On Osho. What would have happened if the Bio-Terror episode had not been discovered? If he had not been deported and his organization been vilified?

Would those acts have escalated? I do not see any 'love' in any of their actions.

With great love comes great responsibility. Others open themselves completely to you in real love, where a word or an action can break them in two. Love brings responsibility towards that person. Love is not self-serving. Love is serving others with your whole heart and exposing yourself to them, trusting them with this gift.

Love is not making yourself happy above all else. Love can cause you pain at the same time. I love my kids, but that also causes me pain because I know how fragile life is. I expose myself to that possibility of extreme pain, because of my love to them, but I do not expose my kids to the pain that I feel in that area of my love for them. Love controlled does not equal love dead and it is naive to think that.

Love has been bastardized and perverted by our society. This leads to people pursuing their own interpretation of love, because the meaning of love has been lost. Although the pursuit of love has been given paramount status. Therefore we can do whatever it takes to find true love, but are we looking for love, or happiness, or fulfillment, or validity of who we are, confusing that with our pursuit of true love? When you have love. You also have responsibility.


bea said...

@Andy - forgive my ignorance, but what are you referring to when you say:

"On Osho. What would have happened if the Bio-Terror episode had not been discovered? If he had not been deported and his organization been vilified?

Would those acts have escalated? I do not see any 'love' in any of their actions."



Andy said...

Hey Bea

Osho aka Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. See at next link.

Then see the Bio Terror attack for political ends.

What I mean is if him and his cohorts had not been caught. Would that have been where it stopped? History shows us that people willing to do acts such as these only escalate in their behavior if unchecked.

Tactics such as these can never be allowed to disrupt the democratic process and that is exactly what they were trying to do from what I have read.

MysticBrit said...

Osho said some beautiful things but did some terrible things. He used the beautiful things to justify the terrible things, which never works.

Andy said...

Personally I cannot give validity to anything that someone like this says. What are their ulterior motives? Do they say what they say because that comes from a place of love, or to manipulate and confuse and lead people off a better track? L Ron Hubbard says some great things in his books, but then it all falls apart when you learn about Scientology and his life.

MysticBrit said...

I'd go with that, Andy. They're charlatans and manipulators, living out of a very twisted place. I hadn't heard of Osho, but now I don't want to.

Darcy said...

MysticBrit - you just said it!

Beautiful words NEVER justify terrible acts.

bea said...

thanks for the reference. i do agree that beautiful words do not justify terrible acts BUT should we always discount someone's beautiful words simply because they also committed terrible acts.

are the beautiful words always a justification for the other actions? perhaps, in our brokenness, these things can sometimes stand side by side.

i am not justifying Osho - have read a few different things by him and about him and a lot of it isn't sitting right. but i wonder if we can be very quick to judge (speck and plank type stuff).

sylvia said...

Where are you Dena. Miss your daiy blog. Hope all is well.

MysticBrit said...

bea - there's no denying the truth and beauty in his words. I just choose to receive them from someone else.

He did what he did out of an incomplete awareness of his true nature, so I don't judge him. I do observe that he was a charlatan and a manipulator, though. That's simply a fact.

Andy said...

I just have a hard time with things like this. I hate analogies, but if someone beats their spouse, but then afterwards extols their love for them and tells them how beautiful and precious they are. Does that come from true love?
These people made a plan to injure people. Not accidentally. It was premeditated. Therefore, personally I cannot take what they say at face value. Just my opinion.

Darcy said...

Hey...MysticBrit - All this time I pictured you as Mystic Britney!

Funny - Brit as in England!

Andy (my husband and Dena's brother in law) is from Yorkshire.

MysticBrit said...

Darcy, that just cracks me up!:D

Hi Andy! That fella was one twisted dude. No love there.