Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Last Judgement...

The last judgment.

What images come to mind?

I know what I *used* to think ... world chaos, culminating in a final battle, which destroys most of the inhabitants of planet earth (those bad inhabitants) ... and then Jesus shows up and whisks the good inhabitants (which, of course, is "us") away ... and then, does a U-turn of sorts, so that we can rule over everyone else (never mind that they're now dead) for a thousand years of blissful utopian ... boredom.

But what if the last judgement is just the very last time we judge ourselves, or anyone else. What if it's the launch of a new way of life -- a way of accepting ourselves exactly as we ARE ("imperfections" and all!), and everyone else as they are, as well...?

What if the last judgment follows the inner-battle ... ushering in resolve and peace?

Check this out:
The masters are former warriors. They have won their personal war, and they are at peace. The dream of the masters is a dream of truth, a dream of respect, a dream full of love and joy. It's the playground of life; it's what we are meant to live, and only awareness can take us to that place.

When this happens, and I'm telling you, it's begun to happen for me ... we recover our awareness ... we awaken from the nightmare ... and we're no longer afraid to be alive again. We return to our real state of being, our divine self (yes, I said that!), where we feel a communion of love with everything in existence.

Then there is no difference or separation between you and all others ... you are connected to the stars in the sky, and the rocks on the earth ... if we can glimpse this, even for a moment, the whole edifice of our belief system evaporates ... and we enter heaven-on-earth (the kingdom at hand, in our midst, here and now).

We are all artists ... painting pictures with our words, our symbols, our thoughts ... and maybe this makes sense to others ... and maybe it doesn't. But maybe you can at least see my perspective ... whether or not you agree with me.

My desire, my goal ... is to discover who I am ... and to be an agent of contagion, so that you, too, can expand your awareness of who YOU are ... so that your perception, and experience, can expand as well.

And what is the goal of this expansion ...?

It's to know that you are a human manifestation of the very Life of God. You, alive as you are, are that force ... you are truth, you are love, you are real. Everything else (but only everything) is a mere symbol ... not real, an illusion. Yes, a beautiful illusion (do not despise it...!).

When you get this, when you really get this (& I'm in the delightful process of gettING this), you live your life in love, as love. Love is who you are. Read more:
"In that moment, you completely accept your body, your emotions, your life, your story. You respect yourself; you respect all of the artists [and we're all artists, creating our lives], all of your brothers and sisters; you respect all of creation. You love yourself unconditionally, and you are not afraid to express your love, to say, 'I love you' to others... you see your own love being reflected in every secondary character of your story, and you love every secondary character of your story unconditionally, just as you love yourself. You don't need reasons to love someone or not to love someone; you don't even choose to love, because to love is your nature. Love is coming out of you like the light from the sun. All of your nature is coming out of you, just as it is, without expectations. And your love has nothing to do with words in your head. There are no stories. It's an experience that we call communion, which means to have the same frequency, the same vibration, as love."

Can we dare to believe that we can get to the point where we can be wholly authentic, in this way? Without the expectations, judgments, "shoulds", rules, constraints of the symbols? Where there is nothing to justify, nothing even to believe ... just to BE, for no other reason. No mission other than to enjoy life, to experience all that is here to be experienced ... to be happy. To be real, authentic ... to be yourself. THAT's the main point. THAT's wisdom.

And ... there's nothing to search for ... nothing to find ... it's already here. All within you. No looking or waiting for heaven -- it's here, now. You don't have to search for God ... God never left you.

And ... it's ok if you don't understand. You're not here to understand, or to learn. You're here to UNlearn.


Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

What you said. Our only 'battle' is the battle to unlearn, to 'unknow', to let go of all we thought was real, see it as the 'beautiful illusion' it was, and so cease to give it any substance in reality. And then to fly free, which is our very nature. Let's make it so.

We Are God, Joyfully, Exuberantly Expressing. We Are All That Is.

Ain't it fine?:)

Dena said...

It's indeed fine, Harry.

Everything is, and shall be, just fine!

(thank you!)