Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Warriors of the Inner Battle

Have you yet come to the place in your life where you've declared war on your lies...?

Are you aware of the subtle/powerful pull of those lies ... those lies-masquerading-as-truth ... which lull and seduce you into remaining in their trance?

And ... are you yet aware that the entire world, the vast realm all around you, is part of this seduction...?

Do you yet know that most of what you see, hear, experience, and *know* ... is a lie?

Do you want to know? And, once you know, are you willing to let your life be shaped around the truth ... however that may unfold?

Basically: do you want to remain asleep -- or do you want to awaken?

Be prepared -- for if you commit to awakening, to living, to discovering who you really are, and then living out your life in an authentic/integral way ... the world, and most who are in it, will come against you.

It's a given.

It's even the price of admission.

Can you then live with the labels, the gossip, the people turning on/against you? I promise you -- it will happen. And a good many of those who continue to love you, will love you with the secretly-hoped-for condition, that you will "return to your senses."

It all starts with a doubt ... "maybe all that I've learned is not true ... maybe I've been duped."

And, if you begin to see the specific dupednesses (that will definitely trigger spell-check!) ... and you realize that if "they" lied to you about "that" ... well, sheesh, what else were you lied to about...?

Now, "they" will think, and even say, that you're rebelling. And you are, but this is a rebellion against the Matrix ... a rebellion against the false-realm, and even the false "you" that has been projected onto you (even by well-intentioned-yet-blinded-by-fear folks). This is the rebellion of recovering our authenticity ... self-integrity. It's why you're here. Don't miss this.

It's about recovering personal freedom, after years, and decades, and eons of shackling. It's the freedom to be who we really are. The freedom to live the life we *came* here to live, before we forgot ... before we got caught up in domestication, in conventionality, in conformity in the name of "safety and appropriate acceptability."

Yes, this is a war ... but it's *not* against people (anyone who knows anything about me knows that I abhor the warfare mentality)! That's the outside dream/illusion. This is an internal war ... it's in our own mind ... the war against the part of the mind that has chosen to create a personal hell on earth (the only sort of hell there is, btw ... all else is metaphor). It's the war between the authentic Self, and the tyrant ... the judge, the law, the egoic belief system that saturates this realm.

And, like so many wars -- this one requires a sacrifice -- something has to go, so that you, the real you, can live.

Do you see the various human sacrifices? The violence, the crime, the prisons, the wars? The institutions of school, business and religion (yeah, all that, too). All the "have-to's" that squelch and suppress the deep desires of our hearts ... can you see that we're all doing this to ourselves, inside ... and that what we see outside, is just a projection of that...? Do you see that we've created all of this?

Can you see...?

"This is how it is. Life has to be this way. Don't rock the boat."

Oh, really?

Do you know that you have a choice? That you (yes YOU!) can create heaven, or hell, for your life, here and now...? Do you know that you're responsible for your life? How do you want to live it?

Do you want happiness? If so, then BE happy, and ENJOY your happiness...!

Why pretend? Why try to be what/who you are not? Can you accept yourself as you are ... even if you are changing (& do you know that changing/growing/evolving is the point of being a human?)? Can you like yourself? Can you enjoy who you are? If you can't -- how can anyone else?

We're here to "write our own story" ... we get to decide how it goes. We don't have to write the story against ourselves ... we don't have to take on anyone else's version of our story. We don't have to take anything personally ... nor do we have to make assumptions ... we can be skeptical, but learn to listen.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to learn to trust ourselves? To trust our own innate instincts? To follow our intuition? We were born with these gifts ... and we've unlearned them in the process of domestication. We've allowed the fears of others to permeate us ... and to force us into the constraints of conformity ... but why?!?

What if we trusted life, and took whatever was presented to us? What if we trusted that everything, absolutely everything is GOOD, and a GIFT (no matter what we *think*) ... and that everything is going to be just fine. Wouldn't life become simple, and easy...?

We make life so complicated and difficult when we try to sacrifice ourselves for someone else ... for their notions of how we *should* be. I am not here to sacrifice myself for anyone. I am not here, in this life, to satisfy the opinions or points of view of other human beings.

Perhaps the biggest fear to overcome, is the fear of being ourselves. Our REAL selves. Our Real Self. This takes an inordinate amount of courage ... though there comes the point where we see that the fear-based reasons simply never existed. Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real. Phantoms ...!

Ahhhh, the sheer relief of finding out that it's far easier to be who we are, than to try to be who we are not. Though, expect the resistance from others ... who will want, and try, to get you back into what they thought you were, or what you should be.

But again, this battle is resolved within first ... and only. When we realize that others are merely looking at us through their projected lenses, that they do not have any power over us, that they do not have rights over us ... then we can smile, and let them be where/as they are. We can even love them where they are, for when we see, we can see past their illusions, into who they really are. We can love them forth ... invite them to discover awakened authenticity for themselves ...

Now, let's remember that we re-enter the Matrix on a regular/daily basis ... we are here in this realm, and we're meant to use it, now that we see and understand it ...

Yes, that tyrant (the ego) will pop up again, and again, and again. 'Tis ok. 'Tis part of the plan, the purpose, of this life. It's for context.

But, once we *see*, we are able to make agreements/choices that support life as we see it, that add to our joy, that add to our happiness, and add to our freedom.

So ... enter the awakening with me ... question your beliefs ... dare to let go ... dare to find out who you really are ... look beyond the veil.

Shalom, Dena


Dena said...

LOL - Ok, so the "Shalom Dena" part got all twerked. Seems fitting, no?

MysticBrit said...

I take the red pill on prescription, myself. Harry's a junkie;)

I like the bit about the 'human sacrifices'. Excellent and True. Also your 'vision beyond the veil'.

Yes, our 'shalom' can certainly get 'twerked' if we go this way, but All Shall Be Untwerked most pleasantly if we stick at it:)

Dena said...

Oh Harry ... what would I do without your friendship and humor throughout this journey...?


You're a true friend! A rare commodity...!

I think you're wonderful!

May you be uberly appreciated in your realm!

(I hereby take your "untwerked shalom" pronouncement as prophecy!!!)

MysticBrit said...

Thanks, Dena:)

Anyone who comes up with words like 'twerked' has my lifelong friendship!

I just watched another amazing woman, Jean Houston, talking with Deepak Chopra. At the end of one of the clips she says, with a big grin, "I'm convinced that Infinity does all this self-ing business for fun!" (It's on Evolutionary Mystic, the latest posts) I'll go with that - we need to tune into the Divine Laughter at the root of everything, and tune out all the unreal, negative vibes created by our unconscious minds, which then create our experiences.

This is the New Earth, which is Heaven!:)