Friday, March 12, 2010

Life 101 ~ We Are One

One of those dash in-and-out-the-door days ... dragging Mark with me, so it'll be fun (we smooch in the aisles of stores!).

BUT - this is something I've been wanting to blog on ... so I want to delve into it a wee bit, before the dashing commences (got 3 minutes - use them wisely!).

Here's a bit of What I'm Coming to Believe About Life, or "Life 101" -- take what resonates, let go of the rest:

~ We are all One. This is perhaps ground zero for me ... that which all else has been leading/drawing/wooing me to see. It seems so stinkin' obvious to me now ... where've I been?!? Ok, so "one of WHAT?" Fill in your own blank: God, Source, the Divine, the Universe. God works for me (though God is All that Is for me, rather than a Male Sky God - up there, somewhere, watching us from a distance ... nice song, lousy theology).

How could I be anything BUT God...? How could any of us? And, rather than being arrogance to see/proclaim it so, saying that I'm "NOT God" or "apart from God", as if I'm something ELSE from God -- well, that smacks of supreme arrogance to me.

I see God as all that is, all that has ever been all that will be ... all that is seen, all unseen, all realized and all yet to discover -- is God. Unlimited Love. Unfathomable Light. Unconditional Acceptance. Un-missable Inevitability! God IS. Not limited to what I can see, but included IN all I can see ... God IN everything, yet not limited/contained-by/defined-by what I can see. No limit at all.

It's just our exclusive reliance upon our physical five senses that tells us that we are separate, that we are alone, that we are doomed, that we are rejected, that we are not "good enough". We see everything in the duality of right/wrong, good/bad, black/white ... but this is not our normal state of being ... this is the overlay, the lens if you will, of the ego.

Think of the sun -- it is *always* shining. Always. However, our experience is that the clouds appear, and block our awareness of the sun ... it *seems* as if the sun is gone, far away ... and yet, the clouds are transient ... they shall pass, they are ephemeral, ethereal ... vapor. So, too, with what we see as "reality" ... it's an illusion. Your dreams seem real while you're dreaming ... and so too is this life we're living a dream of sorts ... just as illusional -- yet *purposeful* -- it matters, it has great meaning -- or else we wouldn't be having it.

As nature teaches us, nothing is wasted. Nothing. Transformation of matter occurs, but nothing is "lost".

Let's not allow our dualistic thinking fool us into thinking that God has an "opposite". There cannot be an opposite to All in All. Think on that.

Imagine that you see islands appearing above the water line ... the water line demonstrates the level of conscious awareness ... you are aware, above the line, that the islands are separate. But this is only an illusion ... for, in reality, below the water-line/consciousness-line, the islands are all *connected* in the foundational reality of the sea-floor, which is the Whole Planet. They are One. So too, is it with us ... we think we are isolated little islands ... disconnected from each other and the Whole. But -- we are one.

The knowing of this, which would lead to the living of this, would change everything.

But, only everything.

Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

It is indeed so. And some. I'd say it's Good, but then that's dualistic thinking;)

Don M. said...

For some reason my mind went to the first line of the Beatles song "I Am the Walrus." It says, "I am he as you are he as you are me as we are all together." You said the same thing, but without the drugs:)

Dena said...

Oh, I think it's all very good, Harry ... it's when we think we can call a thing "bad" that we get confused.

Don - toooo funny! That's an honor ... and now I've got that little ditty stuck in my head (I shall get you back!).