Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life 101 ~ More Thoughts ...

What if you found out that your thoughts have a life of their own..? That they are "alive"... and active. What if thoughts become things...? ("As a wo/man thinks in her/his own heart, so is s/he.")

What if you're meant to find that out?

I know this sounds a bit woo-woo to some folks, but have you ever talked yourself into, or out of, being sick? And have you noticed that negative thinking seems to lead to negative circumstances, or relationships? Why not try it the other way?

What if this is happening all the time, only we just don't know it?

What if we're creating things regularly, unconsciously? How much better to do so consciously? And, how much more responsible would that be?

We, created in the very image and likeness of God, are creators (fish beget fish, dogs beget dogs, cats beget cats, oak trees beget oak trees, God begets ...). Most of us just haven't realized it yet ... but, if we look at the current chaos (which has arisen out of our own chaotic thoughts), perhaps it's time, if not beyond time, to come to this realization, to get responsible for our thinking ("take every thought captive"), to create for good, rather than for harm.

We've had 6,000 years of harm -- methinks we've nearly perfected it. Let's try another option now, yes?

Here's another Life 101 tidbit: Life (which includes God, consciousness, energy, ourselves) is eternal. I notice that my awareness is independent of my body ... (this is realized every time I go to sleep and dream). I believe that life existed prior to when I got my body, and life will go on after my body reaches its expiration date. I am not my body - I have a body. I'm a spiritual being having a physical/human experience.

And another: There is only Love/God. As I look at this realm of reality, everything I see around me and beyond, it seems so very uber-obvious that it's all about love. If God didn't love, why bother with this? Why create physicality and consciousness, if it's not for the purpose of love? And what is all of creation watching us to see, to learn, but that love wins over the ego...(& that it was never even a contest, LOL!).

And that leads to: Everything is precisely as it "ought" to be -- right here, right now. (I can hear some of you objecting ... some of you, loudly.)

Granted, to "get" this, one has to go higher/deeper than what is appearing. Judge not by appearances. From God's perspective, which includes all the infinite possibilities for growing into unfathomable realms, growing and learning from everything that happens, and yet remaining One/connected with God throughout it all, nothing was left to "chance". It all matters -- it all serves a purpose, if "only" to show us the insanity of our (or another's) thinking. There's no room for mistakes with God, because God took everything into consideration, way before this life-adventure began. All of our choices lead to our learning, growing, developing, enlightening. It's blessedly inevitable. There are an infinite number of roads to God, but all roads lead to God -- for there is nowhere where God is *not* ("where can I go from Your presence -- if I go to the abode of the dead, You are there..." ... "nothing can separate us from the Love of God").

It just seems to us that bad things happen, for we haven't yet seen the fuller/bigger/deeper picture. Remember, we are not our bodies, and we are not even our thoughts ... we are Spirit ... and what can harm Spirit?

As Mike Dooly says, in his book, "Infinite Possibilities," ~
Taking into account that we are pure God, pure energy, eternal, living in an adventure-dreamworld of our own creation, and that no matter what happens in this adventure we all return to our celestial source, wiser, whole, enriched and all powerful. The only conclusion that exists is that it's truly all good."

A few thoughts about these "Life 101's":

~ These truths exist and operate, even if we don't believe in them. Just like gravity.

~ We awaken in order to be set free from self-imposed limitations.

~ We are limitless in every way we can fathom, unLESS we *believe* otherwise -- and then, suddenly, we will experience limits, rules, restrictions, conditions.

~ Our thoughts create things ... and our thoughts are sponsored and governed by our *beliefs*. Anyone else besides me aware that we can believe lies (especially those told to us by "external authorities"...? And they will *seem* like truth?

~ Beliefs are like lenses ... they color how we view the world, ourselves, each other, God. And if we "try on" another set of lenses, everything can/will look different. What if we're each and all wearing different lenses? (and we are) Each of us is seeing uniquely, and each of us firmly believes that what we see, through the lenses, is "reality". Think about it ... does what each of us thinks we're seeing, through our lenses, truly affect reality, or just our *perception* of reality? I find it fascinating that I can always spot another person's lenses, long before I realize that I'm wearing a pair, too..! (Deal with the log in your own eye, before you go trying to fix the speck in the eye of the other.)

~ Beliefs create our own personal "matrix"...

~ Beliefs don't define the world -- beliefs define our thoughts and perceptions of our world ... and then, those thoughts create *more of the same* (so that we can't even SEE anything that doesn't match our beliefs).

~ Here's an example: if I believe that we are all separate from God, that God is outside of us, and far away, and that God judges and punishes humans, then every time I see "misfortune" I will see that as conclusive proof that my view of God is true. I would unthinkingly filter all my experiences through this belief about God, not even considering that there could be any other alternatives. I would thus judge myself, and judge all others, believing that I was *right* to do so (because of my belief that God is this way). And then I would live with a fear that I wasn't measuring up, and deserved to be punished. Further, every time I'd encounter contrary evidence that actually refutes my belief, I would then dismiss it as ridiculous (or wrong, or evil, or demonic, or new age...), and then shrug and say, "*Sigh* ... God moves in mysterious ways" ... never mind that I sometimes would notice that I'd feel more compassionate than my own God, but I couldn't "go there" as it wouldn't mesh with my belief about how God IS. (Yeah, I know, a wholly *wild* concept that would never occur to anyone, right? How hyperbolic could I be?!?)

~ No matter what our upbringing, our background, our past experiences, we are NOT stuck with our thinking. Our present, and our future, are dependent upon the thoughts we choose for ourselves *today*.

~ What if our beliefs aren't formed by our reality, so much as our reality is formed by our beliefs...?!?

~ The world merely mirrors back to us our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations. We can *learn* from whatever is presented to us.

~ We can/must pay attention to our thoughts, words and actions .. they will show us what's really going on inside. If we have limits, they will appear in what we think, say and do.

~ Don't focus on what you're currently seeing in your life -- dwell/focus on what you *want* to see in your life...!

~ We are not passive in this life - we are powerfully participatory ... we are creators of our own reality. We need to take responsibility, and enjoy this gift/life we've been given, to the fullest...! (Accepting responsibility gives us back the power we've given away ...)

~ God gives us the desires of our hearts -- this means we get what we most believe we desire... AND, God *puts* the desires *in* our heart. So, get in touch with what you most desire! It is automatically aligned with what God desires (for you are One). It's the egoic thinking that gets in the way, but that's not the real you -- that's the impostor. The real you longs to do that which blesses everyone -- for we're all one. It's win/win, rather than win/lose. You achieving your dreams dos *not* detract from someone else ... there is no shortage of dream-fulfillment in the kingdom of God. So, g'head, dare to visualize what you MOST want ... and leave the "how's" and "when's" to God ... that part is not our business, being above our current pay-grade...! ;)

~ Question everything that doesn't make sense, 'til it *does* make sense, because it will -- we are meant to understand. Ask, seek and knock... and KNOW that the door will be opened..!

Shalom, Dena

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I think you are very probably right in all you say, Dena.

Can't wait for Life 102;)