Saturday, March 20, 2010

Five Fallacies About Life ...

So, what are we humans believing falsely about Life, that's led to crisis, violence, killing and war...?

~ We human beings are separate from each other.

~ There is not enough of what we humans need to survive, and to be happy.

~ To get the stuff we humans need to survive and be happy, we must compete with each other.

~ Some of us human beings are superior to other human beings.

~ It is appropriate, and even necessary, for us human beings to resolve our differences (which are created by the other fallacies), by killing each other.

When we combine these fallacies about life, with the previously-mentioned fallacies about God, we create a recipe for chaos in this world ... deep anger, brutal violence, terrible loss, unending sorrow, and unfathomable terror.

We THINK we are terrorized by other humans, but we're really terrorized by our beliefs...!

It's time for the humans to awaken from this insane dream, and to heal our world. What needs healing are the wounds caused by our beliefs. We claim to want peace, but we continue to promote chaos.

No wonder we are stressed...!

But see, we can't *do* peace ... we have to *BE* peace ... it starts with each one. Beingness is a manifestation of the soul and mind -- doingness is a manifestation of the body. We get to pick ... do we go with soul/spirit, or ego/mind? Our bodies will manifest our choice. In order to find peace, we have to be out of our mind, and into our heart...

When we choose the mind, we are affected by the constructs of the mind, and the body will manifest that.

According to Neale Donald Walsch (writing as God):
If the mind is discouraged, diminished, restricted, frustrated, angry, wounded, or agitated, the body will demonstrate that. If the mind is excited, enlarged, unlimited, exuberant, joyful, healed, whole and peaceful the body will behave in an entirely different way.

You are rushing around treating the symptoms, rather than the cause, of your worldwide disease.

You are seeking to bring about, for humanity as a whole, excitement, enlargement, unlimitedness, exuberance, joy, healing and peace. But you are attempting to do this with politics, with economics, with education, with social programs, and even with bombs.

It cannot be done that way.

You are trying to fix everything except what needs to be fixed. You are trying to change everything except what needs to be change: You are addressing everything but your most basic beliefs. Yet it is your most basic beliefs that are creating the problem.

I didn't know what I was diving into, when I began to question all of my basic beliefs ... I didn't feel that I had a *choice* -- they were pulled out from underneath me, and I had to question to survive. But I know that I am committed to continue ... that I will not stop questioning ... and I will not stop learning to trust That which is in me, leading and guiding me, and revealing all manner of "much more" to me ... as I can bear it.

I invite you to join in ... for the ride of your life...! For the PURPOSE of your Life ...!

Shalom, Dena

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MysticBrit said...

This is True, and worthy of all to be believed.
I'm on board, 'cos The Fair's In Town, and The Ride Of Life is The Main Attraction! Roll up, roll up!:D