Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How I've Come to Understand the Bible ...

A few things that have helped me to understand the scriptures ...

- Much of it was written from the perspective of the ego (carnal flesh -- human mind) ... which is limited. Inspired by God, yes, of course ... but aren't we humans also inspired (God-breathed)? Since when does inspired mean inerrant...?

(I notice that the Bible nowhere calls itself "inerrant" or "infallible" -- humans, who egoically want to control others, say that -- and if we hear a thing often enough, by enough people, we assume it to be true -- that's how propaganda works.)

- Scripture was written by man, added to by man, translated by man, interpretted by man, and put on a pedestal by man. It was never meant to be a member of the "Godhead". It's not meant to be our authority ... it's meant to give us a glimpse of God ... the Spirit within us is our authority. How much easier it is to rely on static rules, and to live vicariously through the lives of others in the past, than to take the personal responsibility to tune in to the ever-leading spirit, and to live out a relationship with the One who says "I Am"! (God is *not* the "I Was", nor the "I Will Be.")

- In places where Paul *seems* to contradict himself (i.e., "women be silent" and yet "when women prophesy ..." -- as IF that means women must prophesy in sign language!), we have to keep in mind that Paul was quite often *quoting* what others had previously written him. These were written as *letters* - not "books of the Bible". There was no punctuation ... the translators imposed their own (egoic and often harshly patriarchal) views upon the text. There are places where Paul quotes those who had written to him, and then says the Greek equivalent of "B.S!" -- refuting what he'd just quoted! As in "we have no such laws in the church". He had to quote them, for the sake of clarity -- we do the same thing in emails we've just received-- how much more did he have to do so, when months would go by between letters...?!?

- Many (OK, all) of the verses about destruction/judgment were about the soon-pending events that THEY (in the first century) had to face, but which WE (now) do not face. Jesus warned them that the events of the "end of the age" (the old covenant age, not the "world") were to come upon them during THAT generation -- while some of THEM were still alive ... and so it happened, just as Jesus had warned them, when Jerusalem was sieged by Rome in 67 AD, and then utterly destroyed in 70 AD (interestingly after 42 months, or 3.5 years of horrendous torture), destroying the city, the Temple, and the old covenant.

We are in (& have been in) the new heaven and new earth (synonymous of the new covenant, New Jerusalem, Kingdom of God/Heaven) for a very long time now ... but most of Christianity has clung to the old covenant, complete with the sin-focus, and all the rules ... the very things Jesus came against, the very things which the prophets of the OT said would "pass away" with the old covenant (as in sin and iniquity would be no more -- for sin was *always* about infractions against the legalities of the old covenant Law).

We can let go now. We can live in the Kingdom now (which is at hand, in our midst, within us -- here and NOW, but spiritually, not physically, discerned -- for the spiritual reality *always* trumps the perceived physical realm).

Christianity/Church was a first-century-only phenomenon ... meant to help THAT generation transition from the old into the new covenant. We don't need it ... in fact, it squelches our awareness of the Kingdom-at-hand ... it ties us to the old/obsolete/GONE old covenant, nullifying all that Jesus taught.

Nothing is hanging over our heads (except the results of our own skewy/insane thinking -- as a man/society thinks in his own heart, so IS he). BUT - we get to question our thinking, and question our beliefs ... we get to ask, "is it true?" and trust the Spirit within to lead us into all truth. We do *not* have to heed the traditions of man. We *can* (& must!) trust the One who is in/as our hearts.

There is no more judgement ... just choices, and consequences which are meant to *teach* us about how to "choose again". It's all about learning, not shaming ... it's all about healing, not punishing.

We're *all* saved (& the only thing we ever had to be saved from was our wrong thinking - we need to have our minds renewed).

It's *all* fulfilled.

We're *all *One.

We need to wake up ~ and then be "agents of contagion", helping others to wake up, too.

THIS is my passion.

Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

Truth, Life and Freedom.

A Most Holy Trinity.

Jesus, being cool, knew we'd mess up for a while. But Love never fails in its purpose, and is even now breaking out in that good contagion, a pandemic of SuperCoolHappyLovitis.

Preach it, sista, 'cos you've caught it:)

sylvia said...

Dena, Thanks for sharing your understanding of the Bible. It really helps me on the wllderness journey I am on. Sylvia

Dena said...

Yes, Harry ... I delight in knowing that the full manifestation of truth/life/freedom (LOVE!) is inevitable. Thwarting God is just not possible (and it even smacks of arrogance).

Sylvia -- Thanks for letting me know! Encouragement is always good. May I encourage you to enjoy the moment, even the wildernessy moments. They serve a purpose ... even if the purpose is to realize that you're ever alone, even while you're shedding that which no longer works for you. It's all good ... sometimes we just have to rise higher, and go deeper (divine dichotomy!) to see the good that's always there.

Five Bears A-Blogging said...

I'm having a rare kid-less hour, and am so pleased to have been able to drop by for your latest offering. So straight forward and loving, and so right on. Thanks for continuing to put it out there for all of us to enjoy! - Mo

Dena said...

Mo! You're becoming nearly omnipresent!!! :)

Five Bears A-Blogging said...

Dena - isn't THAT a scary thought?!? I'm still wrestling with my position as "unofficial homeschool mentor" and "amateur bloggist." I am confident, however, that once I've survived my 40's, I'll have gleaned all the Answers to the Big Questions of The Universe, as you have ;)

Bob said...

Dena, you never cease to amaze me. Your ability to communicate is really great.

Someday, I hope you'll write a book. Even if it takes you a few thousand pages, I'll read it all.

Dena said...

Mo - I didn't start *asking* the questions 'til I hit 40 ... and I've got a whole 8 years on you (puh-LENTY of time...!). (Oh - and it gets better and better, too!)

Bob - You're so good to me! :) There's a book in me ... and the birthing process is quite uncomfy -- all those edges and pages (paper cuts - YIKES!)..! I've heard that there's a way to turn a blog into a book ... y'know, random thoughts of a reluctant heretic, or something like that. I'll keep y'all apprised...!

September said...

"There is no more judgement ... just choices, and consequences which are meant to *teach* us about how to "choose again". It's all about learning, not shaming ... it's all about healing, not punishing." Fully. This is what I think I've always known, but I listened to too many other voices.

I can't even explain it, but reading those words brings me to tears. I think it's "remembering" the Truth...

Dena said...

September -

Your comment means the world to me.

Beautiful timing ... it happens when I ask God for a confirmation ...

Thanks! :)

Steven said...

The problem with most who don't understand that the new heaven and earth are here now, is that they are still listening to "Rome" in their hearts.

We are still looking for a savior but he already showed us the way and now wants us to really LIVE the WAY! And yet there are those that are still acting like the old ways.

I read a book called American Gospel and so many of our founding gentlemen had some good sense to not for our government on religious beliefs, but I find that we still worship a god called "America" here in this land. We put an idea before the people.

What we are unable to do is to make people change their thoughts by our words. It's how we ALL LIVE that will change the attitudes and lives of ALL.

Great post Dena

Dena said...

You nailed it, Steven...! (& I love that you showed up!)