Thursday, March 4, 2010

You are HERE - Mid-Shift...!

This book-study has been quite the adventure for me, trekking through history, lifting up the veneer of the status quo explanations, and seeing what's been going on ...

Today we come full circle ... with the story, and as humankind.

Thousands of years after experiencing the collective insanity of the Ego-Explosion, it appears that we are returning to sanity. Slowly, incrementally ... and yet, we are picking up speed. Have you yet noticed?

Really though, this isn't about "going back to the Garden" ... this is about moving forward -- transcending includes the positive things we've learned along the way. The ego itself isn't the problem ... it's just a tool that lets us know what we need to look at. The problem has always been the skwewy perception of *separation* ...

We don't need to slaughter the ego ... we need to die *to* it -- to not let it rule us. It belongs to us -- we do not belong to it. It's not us ... it's the impostor, pretending to be us. We don't have to be fooled anymore.

We need to become Trans-Fall people ... to embrace all that is good, from our experience. The emergence of the logical mind, a gift of the ego, is to be appreciated. We needn't return to an immature/superstitious mindset ... we get to keep our rational minds, AND recapture our ability to invent, create, imagine. In short, the Trans-Fall psyche is a marriage of the positive aspects of both the unfallen and fallen psyches. We get the good stuff!

Our home, our survival as a species, depends on the majority of mankind awakening ... and becoming empathetic/respectful toward all life, all people, all nature. With this will come less materialism, less greed, less dominance, less superiority, more cooperation, less competition, less hostility, less oppression, more a sense of "we're all in this together." And we are.

We really don't have time to sit around waiting for this to fix itself ... the process of evolutionary change is too slow for the luxury of waiting. At the rate we're self-destructing, time is of the essence.

But here's the good news: WE, the folks created in the image and likeness of the Divine Mind (God), are *able* to add our own conscious intentions/efforts to the collective transformation, which is already occurring, thus speeding up the rate of transformation.

Not only can we -- we *must*. We were born for such a time as this. THIS is or life's work. For this, we have come here.

How do we do this? The ways are myriad.

Think back to the "first wave" of enlightenment ... the mystics individually discovered that they could consciously transcend their perceived reality, and tap into the GREATER spiritual reality around them (the Kingdom of God/Heaven, which is at hand, in our midst, within us). We can intentionally do this as well ... via meditation, visualization, education, re-thinking, questioning what we believe ... even *wanting* to see beyond what we've been told about reality. We can *wake up* ... and be agents of contagion!

Here's a fun new definition to embrace: Morphic Resonance - a theory that suggests that once a large enough number of a group or species show a particular trait or characteristic, it is naturally taken on by all members of the species. (Read here about "The Tipping Point".)

And ... even if we don't experience the Big Shift ourselves, this way of life is beneficial for us ... becoming more peaceful, less egoic, more compassionate, more connected to Spirit -- is just a great way to live...!

As Steve Taylor sums up his book,
One day, perhaps soon, "we'll look at the world with fresh, non-automatic perception (caused by a higher level of consciousness-energy) and see it as a radiant, beautiful, benevolent and meaningful place. We will see the presence of Spirit-Force in everything, in all things and in the spaces between things, and be aware of it as the Source of all things, the ultimate reality of the universe. We will be aware that Spirit-Force is the essence of our own beings as well, and feel a sense of communion with the world, a sense of belonging and participating in it rather than being outside of it looking in.

"We will no longer be separate, and so we will no longer be afraid - afraid of death, afraid of the world, afraid of God, afraid of our own selves, afraid of other people. The disharmony of the human psyche will be healed, and the insanity which it gave rise to will fade away.

"The choice is yours."

And I have to ask: Why Wait?!?

Shalom, Dena

P. S. And YES, this book is very much worth the read ... I let out SO much, that's so worth reading and contemplating!


MysticBrit said...

Let's do the Shimmy Shimmy Shift, and tap into all that Morphic Resonance! Trip out, man!

It's a wonderful thing that's gathering pace, and I think it's unstoppable.

And the ego, when seen properly, is a source of energy to drive the process. When we see that we own the ego, not the other way round, huge things start happening. Indeed, they already are, and that 'tipping point' is very likely much closer than we think.

It'll be a wonder indeed.

Anonymous said...

The book is amazing, reading it now. Your wrap ups--wow.


Dena said...

The "Shimmy-Shimmy Shift" indeed!

Yeah ... my shift-senses are telling me that it's closer than we know ... even at hand!

Briana -- I'm in awe, too ... I'm not the woman I was, pre-awakening...!